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Best Office Lighting for Computer Work – Reviews & Buying Tips in 2022

Lighting is essential in any room. It enables us to see clearly for easy carrying out of our task. A light source when doing your computer work is necessary. The screen of the computer will be bight that you can use, but it is not bright enough.

If you use the total brightness in the computer screen, it may lead to eyesight problems. You, therefore, need a light source to complement, and that will be used without getting eyesores. There are a lot of light sources that can adapt for this purpose.

This review will assist in giving insights into what needs to be considered and the types of light sources you can use.


In a hurry? There are the best we picked for you:

Convenient to Use with Rotatable Lamp Head and Dimmable Lighting and Timer – TaoTronics LED Table Lamp

Help Protects Your Eyes and Provide Full Spectrum Light for Office – Verilux Adjustable Standing Light

Large Flat Recessed Panels with White Daylight – WYZM Ceiling Light


What Is the Best Lighting for Computer Work?

how to choose computer lighting

Your computer is a light source on itself, and according to many researchers, most computer users experience eye soreness and fatigue mostly.

Poor lighting may cause you a lot of problems, but with proper lighting, it will decrease the computer glare and make you comfortable in front of your computer desk.

  • Natural Sunshine

The bright sunshine is a natural source of light in your home. You should always install your computer monitor away from the sun’s direction.

If the sunshine is hitting the computer screen directly, it may create glaring and shadows. Ensure there is enough light coming in and place your computer screen opposite your window and you will be okay.

  • Deal with the Overhead Fixtures

If you have a lot of fixtures that make your room so bright, then you need to tone them down. This can be done by removing some fixtures or replacing the bulbs with low wattage ones.

Making sure the light from the bulb is parallel to the screen may help in dealing with the brightness of the computer screen.

  • Task Lighting

Most people, especially at night, may use the computer screen light to reed a document. You can set a desk lamp beside your screen to ensure it illuminates the paper or the task you are doing.

  • Adjust the Computer Screen Brightness

A computer screen can dim from 100% to 10% in brightness. This will help a lot in removing eye soreness and fatigue. Fix it to be equal to the brightness of other lighting sources in your room.


What Color Light Is the Best for Working?

When purchasing bulbs for our homes, we usually look at the wattage and the style of the bulbs. Most people overlook the color temperature. Apart from brightness considering the color of the bulb is important.

Bulbs color can be broken down into:

  • Soft white. It is usually warm and yellow that one can get from incandescent bulbs. They are usually between the 2,700 to 3,000 Kelvin ranges. They are good for your bedroom.
  • Warm white. They are in the range of 3,000-4,000 Kelvin and are yellowish-white. They are perfect for the kitchen and bathrooms.
  • Bright white. This is more between the white and blue tones. This color is perfect for your home office and garage.
  • Daylight. This is usually found in the range of 5,000 to 6,500 Kelvin. It is bluish, making it perfect for any office setting. This will enable employees to work well for increased productivity.


Reviews of the 6 Best Office Lighting for Computer Work

#1. Budget Buy – LE Desk Lamp with Dimmable Light for Computer Use

cheap dimmable office lighting for computer work
Cheap Office Lighting for Computer Work

If you are to do your computer work with ease and not struggle of the lighting, this is the light source you need. This LED desk lamp is suitable for your office or home use. It is equipped with seven dimming levels. With these dimming levels, while working, you can easily change the brightness of the light to the level you are comfortable with.

You have a touch panel which is fitted with the control settings. Herewith a simple touch on the panel, you can change the brightness level to suit your preference. The lamp is not only good for computer use you can also use it to study, read, relax, and sleep.

Additionally, this lamp is of its class, after finishing your work and you are ready to rest you will switch it off. On switching on the LED bulb will resume with the previous brightness settings.

This lamp is very sturdy and easy to use. The lamp head can rotate 270 degrees that enable you to change the direction the light is projected to. Its arm can adjust 150 degrees, and the base can rotate 360 degrees that gives you much flexibility in the table. While the various lamp parts are adjustable, the base is strong and sturdy to support it in making all the adjustments.

The LED lamps are eye-friendly as it uses the direct current and the light emitted is glare-free and flicker-free. Your eyes will not get sore; the glare and flickering effect usually cause that.

Its parts are made of high-quality aluminum to protect the LED lamp and ensure the lamp is strong enough. After purchasing this lamp, you will be given a one year warranty and a guide on how to use and install.

  • It is friendly to the eye.
  • The memory function makes it suitable.
  • The adjustability enables you to place in a position to give you perfect lighting.
  • The different dimming levels give you various options to choose your preferred brightness level.
  • It is not a wireless office lamp.

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#2. With Wider Lighting Zone – TaoTronics LED Table Lamp for Office Computer Work

TaoTronics office table lamp for computer work
Fully Adjustable Office Light for Computer Use

This lamp is made of high-quality material. With all this material, the lamp has a head, neck and, and arm. The various parts in the lamp can rotate, bend, adjust, or swivel. With this ability, you can place and position it to give you perfect lighting. There is a 150 cm long power cable that can be connected to a power port on your table.

The Led light has proper light distribution and gives 450 lumens that make it very bright. The Edges of the LED lamp head are curved in to soften the light emitted. When the light is soft, it will protect your eyes from eye sores and fatigue.

It has four different lighting settings that include the sleep, read, relax and study. With these setting, you can select your preferred one with just a simple touch control panel. The LED lamp has a memory function that after switching off the next time it is switched on the previous settings will resume.

Additionally, the lamp is build of metals with a very strong base to ensure it is stable and doesn’t topple over. The other parts are made of metal that will ensure the lamp is durable and doesn’t break easily. You will also get a USB charging port that can be used to charge your phone while sleeping, reading, or relaxing.

  • It is flexible.
  • It can be used to charge other devices.
  • It is an affordable lamp with good great features.
  • You can’t replace the led bulb in case of burned.

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#3. With Natural Daylight – Brightech LED Floor Lamps for Office Tasks

Brightech Litespan Bright LED Floor Lamp
Bright Office Lighting for Computer Work

It is a light source that offers high bright lighting that can be perfect for hobbyist and those studying. The lamp produces a cool 6000k white light that can be good for sewing, puzzles, knitting, and drawing. It gives 850-950 lumens while using 12 watts of electricity that makes it very bright.

The light from this LED lamp is like natural daylight. While functioning its bulb produces no heat, this will make the bulb last longer saving you money and energy, and you get enough brightness for your work.

The LED lamp has five color settings that will enable you to set up the mood in the room according to the activity to carry out. It is compact in design, making moving it from one place to another very easy. It has a flexible gooseneck that will enable you to point the lighting in the direction you want.

An inbuilt dimmer is fitted that is used to change the brightness level according to what you are engaged in. The base of the lamp is made of strong metal to ensure stability. Kids and pets in your home cannot knock down this lamp making it perfect even for your kid’s rooms.

Operating the lamp is an easy task. It has a power button above the gooseneck which you press to turn it on. If you want to go through the various brightness levels, you just hold on to it and release once the preferred setting is up. Moreover, there is the memory function where the lamp resumes the previous brightness level after turning it on. This will enable you to continue with your task if you are doing the same thing.

  • It is very bright for different use.
  • It is safe to use and long-lasting.
  • The lamp can be used in children rooms.
  • It may not support different adjustability settings on color temperature.

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#4. With Adjustable Neck – Verilux Full Spectrum Floor Lighting for Office Computer

Verilux Original SmartLight LED Floor Lamp Office Lighting for Computer Work
Floor Office Lighting for Computer Work

If you are relaxing, working, pursuing a hobby, or studying, you need good lighting. The floor lamp here will provide the quality lighting here to enable you to undertake your activity right. It is easy to use, and you can adjust the color temperature and the brightness of the lamp to get your comfortable light.

It is fitted with an advanced flicker elimination technology to protect your eyes. Moreover, it has the Optix glare control lens that filters the brightness not to cause fatigue or soreness in your eyes. The flexible gooseneck design is another fantastic feature that lets you change the direction of projecting the lighting easily.

The design adopted makes the lamp a modern and compact one. This means it can perfectly fit into small spaces in your room. There is a simple on and off switch for use, and whenever the light is switched on, it gets back to the previous settings.

With this lamp, you have five brightness levels and three color temperature that gives you more options to choose from. The light from this lamp mimics the natural daylight to give you good lighting experience.

  • The adjusting button is easy to control.
  • The Optix lenses fitted are effective in protecting your eye from soreness and fatigue.
  • The LED light bulb cannot be replaced if damaged.

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#5. With Remote Control – Airand 40W Flush Mount LED Ceiling Light

Airand 40W LED Ceiling Light
Ceiling Light for Computer Office

This is a modern LED flush mount lighting. It has high quality LED chips that will provide the necessary lighting for a room. The LED light consumes 40 watts of electricity in its lighting.

With this bulb, you get three light color temperatures that are white, natural white, and the cold white light. You will also get smooth dimming of the LED light that can be adjusted from 100% to 10 % to selecting your favorable brightness.

Every setting in this light can be controlled with a remote control that enables you to change at the comfort of your couch. The light in the room in provided by the 3600 lumens from the LED light and can light very well a room that is 215 – 269 square feet.

The LED light is effective and can save up to 85% of your electricity bill. It has a long life of over 30,000 hours that makes it last very long. It has an automatic timer that will turn off the light after 30 minutes.

  • It saves 85% of your electricity bills.
  • It offers more flexibility with remote control access.
  • The long-life will make you forget about light replacement.
  • More suitable for small office or home office.

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#6. LED Panel Light – WYZM Recessed Ceiling Light with Bright Light for Office

led light panel for working in a computer office
LED Panel Light for Computer Work in Office

These light sources are very effective and will work effectively to provide the needed lighting. The panels are fitted with powerful LED with lighting optics to give you quality lights in your home and office. This can perfectly replace your fluorescent fixture.

The light panels have a wide range of functionality. Its frame is made of sturdy aluminum alloy and with white finishing. They will last five times more than the other fluorescent panels. They can be used in schools, hospitals, workshops and big conference halls.

You will never experience flickering with this kind of bulbs while in use. They provide cool illumination with more lumens while ensuring your electricity bill is on the check. They are easy to fix as they can be installed in the ceiling or suspended from the ceiling. With this lighting fixture, you will have 50,000 hours of lifetime use.

  • They offer good directional light.
  • They are energy-saving and are always durable.
  • They may not get dimmer in this pack.

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How Bright Should My Office Lights Be?

Your office lights should never be too bright or too dim. Poor lighting will always cause more problems like straining to see, causing your eyes to be dry, difficulty in viewing screens and may even cause you some headaches. Too much light in a room can also cause similar problems.

Depending on the size of your office, you should find the lighting source to give you the color temperature required to serve the room sufficiently or that will emit enough lumens to provide the required brightness.

TaoTronics office table lamp for computer work

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How Can I Make My Office Lighting Better?

Your office needs better lighting to ensure you are comfortable when undertaking any duty there. It can be done by:

  • Using LED lights

These are the modern light sources that are installed in offices to provide lighting. They do not only save you money in terms of lowering your electricity bill but also provide good quality light. The fluorescent tubes have been the main source of lighting in most offices.

The fluorescent tubes, however with time become dimmer and you might have a constant problem of flickering. The LED lights are usually expensive to install first, but in the long run, you will see the benefits. They do not contain mercury that is used in most bulbs that make it ecofriendly.

  • Use the Natural Light

Natural daylight lamp is a good lighting source in your office. It will make your office bright, natural and make you connect with the external environment.

Good natural lighting has an effect on making people feel better and thus more productivity. Ensure that you have wide glass windows that will let in enough energy. With good natural lighting, you will significantly cut down your energy budget.

  • Lighting for Every Task

Different offices need a different kind of lighting. If you are in an open office, layout and using the ceiling lights. There is a possibility of glaring and over-illumination from the installed fixtures.

For this, you can have individual desk lamps to use in the lighting of the room. This will enable everyone to personalize their lighting.

  • Lighting for a Different Room

Lighting creates a certain impression of a certain room. The lighting can create different rooms like:

• Large lights hanging above the table can show that it is a meeting room.

• Spotlights can be used to show the way down some corridors.

• Low lighting in meditation or booth rooms.



1. Can Office Lighting Be Too Bright?

No, the office light cannot be too bright.

When the office light is bright, it will be reflected from any surface in the room. When looking at a bright color paper, you will be struggling. It causes eye soreness and fatigue in the eyes by staring at it for long.

2. Where Should Light Be When Using a Computer?

If you are using the computer, the light source should be right above the computer parallel to the screen. The light will not be reflected from the computer screen, which might cause eye soreness and fatigue.

If using the sunlight light source, your screen will be better if it is facing the opposite side from the source of the light. When the screen comes in contact with direct light, it causes shadows and glaring effect.



With the above review, it will assist you with the knowledge of what to look into when you need a light for your computer room. A lot of factors are to be considered to get the perfect lighting in your room to avoid health problems.