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Best Desk Lamps for Drawing – Reviews & Guide in 2022

There is a saying that goes that a picture is worth a thousand words. Therefore, no matter the nature of an artist’s drawing, there work always needs to be precise and appropriately illuminated. This will require the working area used by the artist to be adequately lit to avoid mistakes in the detailing of these drawings due to shadows and very dim lighting. The artists thus need to ensure that they have access to the best desk lamps for drawing to achieve their dreams.

This may, however, be challenging since there exists a variety of models of the desk lamps in the market, and thus purchasing the best may not be so straightforward. This is because the best desk lamps for drawing should have certain unique features that would enable them to perfume excellently.

This article has therefore made it easier by presenting reviews on some of the best desk lamps for drawing in the market that you may consider purchasing when planning to open a drawing workshop.


In a hurry? There are the best we picked for you:

With Wide Lighting for Large Drawing/Drafting Tables – Phve Clip on Architect Lamp

With High CRI Rating for Accurate Color Distinguishement – Phive Swing Arm Lamp

With Bright and Dimmable Light for Drawing – TaoTronics LED Desk Lamp


How to Choose the Best Desk Lamp for Drawing?

Choosing the best lamp for drawing purposes in the wide market filled with several model varieties often requires serious consideration of some features and factors.

These will ensure that you end up with the best possible desk lamp, which will perfectly satisfy your needs during the drawing exercise. These factors include:

#1. Manufacturing Material

These are also an important part of consideration because they contribute to the aesthetics of the desk lamp but, more importantly, the durability.

You will, therefore, need to consider desk lamps manufactured from strong and durable materials such as metals and high-quality plastics as these will ensure that your desk lamp takes you for long periods of time before purchasing another one.

#2. The Size

This goes both ways in that you will need to take into account the size of the working space and the type of job you will need the lamp for as these will determine the size of the lamp, you will be purchasing.

For instance, when you have a large working space, then you will need a taller and larger desk lamp to guarantee the coverage of the entire work area.

Similarly, for the purposes of drawing, you will also need a large desk lamp to facilitate a wide illumination area. This will make drawing much easier.

#3. The Type of Desk Lamp

This is the categorization per the mounting technique. Some desk lamps come with bases for desktop mounting; however, some have clamp bases for clamping on to the working bench.

This is an essential factor to consider because small working spaces are usually suitable for clamp types since they are space conscious.

Thus, desk lamps with bases often take up significant space on the working bench, which could interfere with the efficiency of work.

Also, clamped desk lamps often tend to be more subtle and secure compared to those with bases that are often prone to shaking upon slight impacts.

This is also critical since drawing usually requires precision, and precision can often only be achieved through stable and not wobbly working conditions.

#4. The Design

This is also a factor worth considering for artists. Your working space often needs to be clean, elegant, and appealing, and an awesomely designed desk lamp could add to these aesthetics creating a relaxing working environment.

The design is also crucial as some desk lamp models are usually poorly designed with unnecessary features such as extremely long body and neck, making it difficult to use in the small working area.

#5. The Flexibility and Adjustability of the Desk Lamp

Lamps usually come in various flexibility modes. Thus some often have pivot joints; some have hinge joints while others have goosenecks.

All these provide different levels of flexibility to a certain extent. Therefore, for purposes of drawing, you will need a sturdy by a very flexible desk lamp, which will enable smooth shifting of the light source position to avoid shadow effect interferences, thus ensuring that the illumination angles are to the satisfaction of the artist.

Stiff desk lamps, on the other hand, may be suitable for other functions such as general office lighting, among other purposes and not for drawing.

Hence, you need to carefully consider this factor before choosing your desk lamp by reflection on the nature of the work you intend to do with it.

#6. The Power Options

This is another matter worth checking on. This is because different desk lamps often have different power options, from batteries to adapters.

Thus, you need to decide whether you will be using the lamp in confined quarters, or you will be highly mobile as this will help you choose the mode of power.

Also, some of these desk lamps are very costly to manage as they consume a lot of power. You should, therefore, opt for energy-efficient models to ensure that despite the drawing, you save on the environment and conserve power.

Battery lamps are good go-for options as they allow you to carry around without moving.

#7. The Controls

These are essential aspects of drawing lamps worth considering since they often determine the ease of use of the lamp.

There are a variety of controls to the lamps from sensor-enabled ones to button installed models. Some also come with remote controls.

However, it is upon you to choose from all these control modes, which one you are most comfortable with.


Reviews of the 7 Best Desk Lamps for Drawing

#1. Best Overall – TaoTronics Metal LED Desk Lamp

TaoTronics desk lamp for drawing
Best Rated Desk Lamp for Drawing

This desk lamp ranks as the best overall in the market due to its numerous vital features. It is made of an elegant metal body which is scratch-free, aesthetic and ensures the durability of this desk lamp.

This brand from the TaoTronics company also enables for 5 color modes and 6 brightness levels up to 1200 Lux. This lamp is also versatile with multiple adjustable parts, such as the base adjusting to 145 degrees, the neck to 120 degrees, and the head rotating to a 90-degree angle. This guarantees for ideal lighting of the desk and the working area in almost any required angle of illumination.

Furthermore, this lamp is also multifunctional with a 5V/2A smart USB port for charging electronics such as phones and an advanced memory function, which automatically saves your preferred settings such as ideal temperature, color, and brightness intensities. This makes it easy and efficient for repeated use by simply pressing on the control button. The desk lamp is also designed with a light guide panel that transmits the light sideways and not directly on to your drawing project resulting in a glare-free illumination.

  • Durable
  • It is easy on the eyes
  • Has a 60-minute timer
  • Elegant and aesthetic
  • Easy to use and control
  • It is versatile and easily adjustable features
  • Comes with irreplaceable LED bulbs

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#2. Best Sale – TaoTronics LED Desk Lamp for Drawing Table

TaoTronics led table lamp for drawing
Hot Sale Drawing Desk Light

This model from the TaoTronics brand is usually rated as the best-selling desk lamp in the market. This is often because of some of its features, which makes it acceptable and appealing to the vast majority of the population. These features include the fact that it is designed to emit a soft, stable, non-flickering beams of light which are sure gentle on your eyes and guaranteeing for limited to no eye fatigues.

The desk lamp also comes with multiple lighting options of 5 possible color modes and 7 brightness levels, which will ensure that you select your preferred comfortable combination of color and brightness.

The model is also versatile on the adjustability and light positioning, ensuring that the lighting is most fitting to your needs. For instance, the head of this desk lamp often has a movement range of about 135 degrees and 90-degree swivel coupled with a tilting base to about a 150-degree angle while swiveling to around a 45-degree range.

It also has a functional USB port for charging appliances such as phones and keeping them on an accessible and close reach range. The LED light on these lamps is energy-efficient, thus helps save power up to about a 75% rate. The lamp is also designed with a built-in-touch control system, which ensures that use and control are easy and efficient.

  • Versatile and flexible
  • Easy and gentle on the eyes
  • The lamps are effortless to use and control
  • Environmentally friendly and saves on energy
  • They are highly adjustable for proper illumination
  • The fixed bulb system makes it impossible to change bulbs in case of burnout

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#3. Trond Compact Table Lamp for Easel

compact clip on lamp for drawing tables
Easy to Carry Drawing Desk Light

This band of desk lamp often attracts many customers and artists included because of its unique features. For instance, this model of desk lamp is designed to emit a bright beam of light mimicking the daylight intensity (6000K, 1000lm) to the working area.

The lamp is also installed with a light guide panel for ensuring that the daylight-like lighting is flicker-free. These features ensure that the light emitted from these lamps is always non-glaring, soft, and comfortable on the eyes of the users. This makes it suitable for all kinds of people, young, old, and even those with eye problems.

The design of this desk lamp also includes a clamp base and a long gooseneck. The clamp is often capable of extending to about 1.65 inches, which ensures that it perfectly and securely hold to the working benches and desks with minimal toppling. The gooseneck is extra-long and flexible for general and easy mobility to any position you would like.

Made of alluminium metal ensures that it is sturdy during operation and durable. By using a sensor touch control system, you can easily turn the lamp on and off and also adjust the brightness to pre-set 3 levels to suit your desired brightness intensity. It also has an advanced memory system that ensures that your previous setting is maintained throughout operation, thus minimizing time wastage during every time setting.

  • Sturdy and durable
  • Easy to use and control
  • Comes with adjustable settings
  • They are energy-saving up to 80%
  • Provides sufficient and eye-friendly lighting
  • No battery and thus can only be adapter powered limiting mobility

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#4. Globe Electric Architect LED Desk Lamp

robust architect drawing desk lamp
Cheap Desk Lamp for Drawing

Some of its unique features include the fact that it is designed with maximal flexibility. Its arm is installed with a swing spring perfectly balanced to allow for complete adjustment of the lamp head to wherever the light needs focusing. The design is also classic and elegant with a smooth black finish making it appealing and beautiful to look at. The base is adequately small for maximal working space.

Nevertheless, the base is sufficiently heavy too, and this is to prevent frequent toppling and falling of the lamp. The control mechanism involves a single rotary switch located at the far top of the lamp for easy switching on and off. It also comes with a separate medium base 60 W detachable bulb for installation on the head.

  • Easy to assemble
  • Straightforward to operate and use
  • Heavy base for sturdiness and stability
  • Has minimal footprint due to small base
  • Fixed light intensity

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#5. Phive Architect Drawing Clip-on Table Lamp

clip on desk lamp for artists and office workers
Multifunctional Clip-on Desk Lamp

Their features ensure that you comfortably attend to your project without any disruptions. Some of these unique features include the fact that these lamps are designed to emit light beams closely similar to daylight illumination. Thus, with the employment of the diffusion panel installed in these lamps, they will be emitting soft daylight-like with no glaring and flickering, therefore safe for the eyes of the users.

These desk lamps are also dimmable to the light brightness of your choosing. This can be done easily by just long pressing on the power button until your desired brightness intensity is achieved.

It is also very adjustable with a 180-degree swivel sweep head, 180 degrees adjustable arm, and a rotatable body. The lamp has a clamping base, which ensures that it is secured properly on the working benches. These lamps are usually long-lasting, with up to 25 years of constant efficiency in operation. They also save on energy up to about 20%. They also come with an advanced memory function for returning to preset functions and high-quality metal body and joints for durability.

  • Safe on the eyes
  • Provides sufficient lighting
  • Highly adjustable functions
  • They are sturdy, secure and stable
  • May get a little warm

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#6. Joly Joy Full Spectrum Drawing Table Lamp

Joly Joy desk light drawing with swing arm
Adjustable Drawing Desk Light

Joly Joy is a popular brand in the market as high-quality desk lamp suppliers. This is because their desk lamps usually come with special features making them suitable for use by many individuals. Some of these features include the fact that these desk lamps often comes with a very long swingarm with three adjustable joints. It extends to about 40 inches for a wide lighting area.

Each of the lamp joints usually adjusts to some angle around 180 degrees with the joint to the base and the head of the lamp having a swivel adjusting feature rotating to 360 and 300 degrees for wide motion ranges and reach.

The lighting is flicker and glare-free, making it safe for the eyes since there is often minimal to no eye-straining for the users. The lamp also has a stepless dimming capability with adjustable color temperatures from white to warm, thus guaranteeing for ideal lighting in separate working areas for an excellent experience. An advanced memory function is for maintaining preset conditions and a timer for differential working modes.

These models are also often space-saving due to the clamping and mounting attachment feature. The clamping also further guarantees for a free and ample working area. They are installed with 98 LED bulbs, which consume less energy; thus, the lamp is energy efficient. The bulbs are also long-lasting with a lifespan of about 50, 00 working hours. These lamps are also durable due to the manufacturing material of premium grade alluminium alloy brush finished for a sleek appearance.

  • Space conscious
  • Elegantly designed
  • They are energy saving
  • Durable and long-lasting
  • Comes with a timer for time convenience
  • They are highly adjustable in features and functions
  • It is a little challenging to adjust functions by the on/off switch

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#7. Phive LED Desk Lamp with Bright Light and Wide Illumination

desk lamp with wide lighting area
Wide Area Lighting for Drawing Table

Phive products are often popular with every model designed with unique features, which ensures that their operations are efficient and satisfactory. Some of the features that categorize this product among the best in the market include the fact that its lamp head is usually super wide with the LED light bar measuring about 31.5 inches; thus, this lamp often delivers a broader light coverage to the 200% level. This ensures that a large area of the working bench/area is properly lit.

The LED light emitted by these desk lamps is also usually soft and gentle on the eyes of the user since they are usually free of ghost, glare, or flickers during operation.

These products are also designed with strong and very flexible gooseneck which allows for adjustable illumination angles and heights as per the desire of the user. The silicone material used in the goosenecks is usually sturdy and noise-free during adjustments.

The users are also free to choose from a range of lighting colors and intensities. For instance, these models come with adjustable 4 color temperatures and 5 brightness adjustment levels to satisfy your illumination needs.

The desk lamps also have very sensitive touch controls directly set in front of the LED bar for easy reach and adjustments. These models also have an advanced memory function for maintaining pre-set modes and levels in between operation to minimize frequent settings. Moreover, they are space-conscious since they have no bases but clamps for secure attachment on working benches.

  • Safe for the eyes
  • Sturdy and stable
  • Moderately adjustable
  • Multipurpose and not only for drawing
  • Provides sufficient lighting for large drawing tables
  • Quite pricey compared with the others

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What Is the Best Lighting for Drawing?

The best lighting for drawing is usually the northern light; however, this cannot always be the case since it changes with time. Therefore you will need to create a mimicking light intensity to that of the reflected sun rays.

You will, therefore, need to select an LED bulb with adjustable brightness levels. These bulbs lumens should, therefore, range of 7000 to 8000 to not damage the desk lamp while adequately emitting sufficient lighting.

Also, your bulb should have a Color Rendering Index (CRI) of 80 and above, as this will guarantee perfect illumination. Thus these are some of the equivalent conditions to the northern light.

TaoTronics led table lamp for drawing

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Is White Light or Yellow Light Better for Painting?

Natural white light is better for painting than the yellow light.

This is because white light, when used during painting, makes bright colors appear brighter, and dull colors appear much dull. This will be beneficial to the artist as it will assist in creating contrast on the piece of art.

Yellow, on the other hand, will not have the distinguishing features between bright and dull, thus not affecting the painting process in any way.



Desk lamps are very vital parts of many homesteads in the country, with many people owning them for several different reasons. Nevertheless, as an artist, you need the best led table lamp, which will enable you to draw and paint excellently due to their unique features.

This article has henceforth provided some sampled top best desk lamps that you could consider when planning to buy one. This is because their features are in abundance; they deliver satisfactory service to their users.