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Best Office Lighting for Your Eyes – Reviews and Tips in 2022

Traditional office lighting has a reputation for increasing the eye strain that we experience, as well as just being bad for our eyes overall. Luckily in recent years, there have been major improvements in the world of office lighting.

There are a lot of different products on the market that allow us to get better lighting for our eyes in office spaces. In the following article, we will be going over the best office lighting for your eyes, as well as offering a comprehensive buying guide to help you make an informed buying decision.


In a hurry? There are the best we picked for you:

For Computer Desk – TaoTronics Touch Control LED Desk Lamp

For Home Office – WIO-MIO Adjustable LED Floor Lamp with Dimmable Light

For Large Office – Barrina Integrated and Extendable Super Bright Tube Lights


Why buy office lighting for eyes?

Sometimes we are unable to change the amount of lighting or the lighting method that is used in a working space.

If this sounds like something that you are experiencing, then using desk lighting in the form of a tabletop lamp will be beneficial. This allows you to have task lighting that is close to your working area and gives you complete control over when it is on and for how long.

Traditional office lighting is known to be terrible for producing eye strain, and by purchasing office lighting that is better for your eyes, you will be more productive and overall happier at work.

#1. Make you more productive

We spend a lot of time in the office (often referred to as a second home), and because of this, it is worth investing in office lighting that is better for your eyes.

This will not only help you to be more productive, but you will also feel less tired towards the end of the day if there is proper lighting that reduces the amount of eye strain you experience.

#2. Desktop lighting helps focus light on your workbench

While you may not have control over the overhead lighting that your office uses, by investing in a desktop light you will be able to have control over your immediate working area.

#3. Eye strain relief and money-saving

If you are an office manager or someone who does have control over the overhead lighting, it is a good idea to invest in converting these lights to LED lights as well. Not only are they better for reducing the total amount of eye strain, but they will also save you money on electricity and are better for the environment.

LED lights have been proven to last far longer than traditional or fluorescent lighting as well. Overall, there are plenty of pros to using office lighting that is better for your eyes with little to no negative aspects.


What Are the Different Types of Office Lighting?

Office lighting can come in a wide range of styles and types available, and knowing what they are as well as their differences can help in making the best decision for your office.

In the following section, we will be going over the main 5 types for your reference and convenience.


Sunco 10 pack led office light tube for your eyes

As you can imagine, tube lights are bulbs that are in the shape of a tube. You may have seen these in the form of fluorescent lights for many commercial or office spaces.

These lights will be able to plug directly into the panel or free-standing light fixtures and you can easily convert fluorescent tube lights into LED tube lights. This and panel lights will generally be the most common that you will find in an office space, and are very budget-friendly options.

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Panel Lights

led light panel that easy on eyes for office

Panel lights are probably what you are accustomed to seeing in most commercial and office spaces. They will generally use the tube bulbs (listed above), although these bulbs will be recessed into the ceiling.

These types of light fixtures will be flush with the ceiling and provide a clean and crisp appearance that can fit into a lot of different design schemes. If your office currently has fluorescent panel lights, it will be very easy to switch to LED panel lights with little hassle involved.

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Linear Lights

led linear shop light for offices

Linear lighting is a type of light fixture that generally will come in a long and narrow shape. They are great choices for office lighting, as they are compact and can provide a lot of lumens. They can be installed either flush with the ceiling or hanging down slightly, which gives you options and versatility.

They also provide more of a modern design aesthetic while providing the necessary light needed to work. These are great options for a more expensive-looking light that will utilize the tube-type bulbs.

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Table Lamps

best sale TaoTronics led table lamp for your offices

Table or desk lamps will have a base with a stand leading up to the light and lampshade. They are available in a wide range of styles, colors, and designs with different levels of pricing to choose from.

Most LED table lamps for work will feature more of modern design and have arms attached to the lightbulb that is easy to pivot or swivel as the need arises.

They provide a good amount of task lighting for your workspace, although the number of lumens they have will be less than other types of office lighting.

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Floor Lamps

tall standing floor lamp with eye-care light for office

Floor lamps run along with the same principle of table lamps but on a larger scale. They will be much taller, and feature a solid base with a long support beam and the light will sit up top.

Some models will have a lampshade, while some will have more of a streamlined and modern design to them.

These are good at providing a decent amount of lumens without taking a lot of space and can be used to supplement the needed light for your working area.

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What to Look for When Buying the Best Office Lighting for Eyes?

To find the perfect product to brighten up your office that is good for your eyes, it is important to be aware of a few things before making a purchase. In this section, we will be going over some key aspects of office lighting for your reference and to help you with the ultimate buying decision.

While some of these may seem to be not as important, it is still good to keep everything in the back of your mind while you are looking at products available on the market.

#1. Lumens

As we mentioned above, one of the main reasons why you may be experiencing eye strain at work is because the level of light does not have enough lumens.

When this happens, you will have to focus harder to see what you are working on. If you can find and install office lighting that is considered to be better for reading and working, you will find that it is easier on your eyes.

For this reason, when you are researching which office lighting to buy it would be a good idea to check how many lumens it is, and how many light bulbs each fixture can hold.

Generally, your working table should be covered by light with at least 450 lumens.

#2. Conversion

Depending on the scope of your office and what you are wanting to accomplish, you may be converting your existing lighting into LED light fixtures. This type of lighting will reduce the overall eye strain and in most cases can fit into the traditional bulb or fluorescent bulb fixtures.

Before purchasing a LED light fixture, it would be a good idea to determine what type of fixture you currently have as well as how labor-intensive it would be to convert your office space into LED lighting.

Most office spaces will have fluorescent tube lighting already, and can easily be converted into LED tube lighting.

#3. Easy to Install

This may only go for overhead lighting, but you will want to find products that are easy for you to install. This will make the whole process of adding light to your office that reduces eye strain easier.

A good rule of thumb is to find light bulbs that match the fixtures that you already have installed.

This way, all that you will need to do is to simply switch out the bulbs after purchasing. If you are planning more of an office renovation, however, this may be a good time to upgrade.

#4. Durability

As with most products that we purchase, you will want to find a good source of light for your office that is good for your eyes while retaining a high level of durability.

This will keep the costs low to run and maintain the new lighting, as well as save on your valuable time.

The good news is that on top of being great for providing full-spectrum lighting and having low energy costs, LED lights are also highly durable.

#5. Aesthetics

While this is less important, it is still worth mentioning. When you are buying office lighting, it would be a good idea to take into consideration the design scheme that you are going for; as well as what these new lights will offer.

While those in the office may not find this as important, if you are having meetings with new or existing clients, they will feel more comfortable if the office reflects the business model of the company.

The good news is that most modern light fixtures feature more of a modern aesthetic, which will fit in perfectly to any type of office design scheme that you have.


Reviews of the 9 best eye-care office lamps

#1. Best sale – TaoTronics led desk lamp with 20 lighting settings for eyes

best sale TaoTronics led table lamp for your offices

For a good sale on a great product for desktop lighting, this option from TaoTronics is available in either white or black. This features 4 lighting modes to choose from, as well as 5 levels of brightness; making it a great option for working.

There is a convenient USB charging port near the base of this light, allowing you to keep working and have your phone or tablet within arms reach.

For optimized task lighting, you will be able to rotate and swivel both the lamp arm and base to direct the flow of light where you will need it to be.

This features touch controls and memory function, making it easy to use while remembering the last settings you had the light using.

The light itself uses LED technology, which produces a great full spectrum lighting while using less electricity.

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#2. Top rated – WIO-MIO LED eye care floor lamp for office lighting

Miroco office floor lighting for eyes

For a well-liked product that has high consumer reviews, this floor lamp for offices from Miroco is a great product that is worth looking into.

It comes in at a budget-friendly price and is powered by an energy-efficient LED bulb. This features 450 lumens, which is a good amount for reading, studying, or working and will last up to 20,000 hours before needing to be replaced.

There are four different lighting modes to choose from when using this light, with four levels of brightness to suit your needs.

The sturdy lamp base for these products prevents it from tipping or falling over and also removes any risk for safety hazards.

The head of this lamp is connected to a gooseneck and allows you to pivot or swivel it as needed for lighting.

Overall a high-quality lamp that will be able to provide a good amount of task lighting and is available at a good price.

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#3. With adjustable arm – Lepower metal adjustable architect lamp for office desk

swing arm desk lamp for eyes in office

For a high versatility factor and an adjustable arm, this LED lamp from Lepower is a great option.

It is available in 5 different color choices and features a modern design that will look great while providing task lighting for work.

The arm of this lamp is adjustable as well, which allows you to pivot or swing it as needed to get the right angle for your work activities.

The heat resistant design and materials used for thie desktop lamp allow you to operate this for hours at a time without it getting too hot to touch or overheating.

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#4. With clamp – Joly Joy dimmable and multifunctional clip-on office desk lamp for eyes

clamp on desk lamp for office

If you are looking for a clip-on lamp that is great at providing task lighting and reducing eye strain, this product from Joly Joy is a good option.

The adjustable LED light won’t flicker and reduces eye strain while you are working by providing a good amount of lumens.

The flexible arms and lamp head can be moved or adjusted as needed to get the right angle for your projects and workday.

The clamp that is attached to the base of this product is easy to install and adds stability; while saving you space.

It features a modern architectural style design that will fit into any type of design scheme or aesthetic while providing versatility.

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#5. With a tall pole – Joofo torchiere floor lamp with 3 color temperatures for office

tall standing floor lamp with eye-care light for office

This LED floor lamp from Joofo is available in 4 different color choices and features both remote and touch control functions. This makes it easy to use and requires little assembly; making it a great choice for any office or desk space.

There are 3 different color temperatures to choose from that can be easily switched between, and this is a dimmable LED floor lamp.

This is a space-saving design that will easily fit into tight areas and has a nice aesthetic that can fit into any type of design scheme.

The base of this lamp is heavy enough to prevent tipping over or falling, while the lamp overall is lightweight enough to make moving it around the office easy.

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#6. Perfect for large office – Sunco 10 pack LED daylight office tubes with high CRI

Sunco 10 pack led office light tube for your eyes

For a large office space, this 10-pack LED light pack from Sunco Lighting is a great buy that is available in either daylight, daylight deluxe, or cool white.

These are easy to install and provide a lot of lumens per unit while saving on electricity and the overall costs to keep the office illuminated.

Because of the energy-efficient design of LED bulbs, you will save money in the long run by converting your office space from fluorescent to LED.

These are easy to install and can be done in a manner of minutes even for larger office spaces. They also are backed by a 5-year warranty from Sunco, making it a sound investment that will save time and money.

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#7. Super bright light – Barrina 6 pack tube light for office ceiling

home office led bright light for eyes

If you are looking to get a large number of lumens per light, this pack of 6 modular LED tube lighting is a great option that is worth looking into.

It features a lot of illumination per each light, and because they are LED lights you are going to be saving money on your electrical costs; as much as 65% per light.

These are great at providing light for working areas that reduce eye strain, and the design gives you a lot of versatility.

Everything that you will need to set these lights up is provided, and they feature a 3-year warranty should any issues arise when in use.

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#8. LED light panel – WYZM dimmable daylight recessed ceiling lighting fixture

led light panel that easy on eyes for office

For good panel lighting, you can’t go wrong with this product from WYZM, available in multiple package sizes to choose from.

It features a streamlined low-profile design that is great for modern decor and is very aesthetically pleasing.

It is a great choice for any type of office setting, as it provides a lot of lumens with LED lighting.

Each unit is the perfect replacement size for fluorescent paneling that is found in most offices, and converting the lights is easy to do.

These high-quality panels are great for reducing eye strain, and they are durable enough to last you a long time even with constant daily use.

These are easy to install and can either be used as a sort of recessed lighting or as a hanging fixture for extra design choices.

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#9. Perfect for high ceiling office – OOOLED 6 pack plugin linear work light fixture

led linear shop light for offices

Great for high ceilings, these LED lights from OOOLED are available in either 1, 6, or 10 packs and are budget-friendly.

These are easy to install and can easily replace older fluorescent lighting fixtures. They can last up to 5 times longer than fluorescent lights, and there is no waiting period for them to reach peak brightness.

By utilizing a plug-in connection, you can connect several lights in a row for a seamless design.

They can also be installed as a flush fixture or can hang from the ceiling; making them great options for higher ceilings in your workspace.

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Office Lighting Tips to Reduce Eye Strain

We’ve all experienced eye strain while at work, and when you are working for several hours a day this can become overwhelming. By changing the amount and quality of light in your workspace, you can reduce the eye strain that you and others may be experiencing.

The main reason why we experience eye strain is that we are trying to focus too hard to see what we are working on. By adding more lumens into the workspace, this can solve this issue for the most part and allow our eyes to relax when we are working or reading.

Changing the method of lighting will also be very beneficial in reducing eye strain. Studies have shown that fluorescent lighting (while cost-effective) has negative health aspects, especially on our eyes. LED lights are not only more cost-effective, but they require no warm-up time to brighten up.

Additionally, there are some of the only bulbs available on the market that offer full-spectrum lighting; this is as close to natural light as we are currently able to receive.

While we live in the age of technology and rely on the use of computers and back-lit devices, it is important to limit the amount of screen time our eyes experience. This can be done by focusing on something in the distance throughout the day and giving your eyes a break from the blue light of a computer screen.



Q: What is the best lighting for an Office?

A: While there are several options to choose from when it comes to office lighting, you will generally either have fluorescent or LED lights.

LED lights are better for office lighting due to their lifespan, electrical power used, and color temperature available. As relates to the type of LED lights that are used, the most budget-friendly options are panel light.

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Q: Are bright office lights bad for your eyes?

A: That will depend on the type of lighting that is used.

For instance, bright office lights that use LED technology will not have any negative effects on your eyes; while the same amount of lumens in fluorescent lights can.

Bright lighting in the office often referred to as computer lighting, is good for seeing what you are working on without adding strain to your eyes.

It is important to choose the correct type of lighting for an office, and if you can do so then there is no need to worry about the number of lumens being bad for your eyes.

LED lights are the closest that we can get to natural light, so an office that uses these types of light bulbs will be better lit and the workers will be more productive.

Q: Is yellow or while light better for your eyes?

A: While neither yellow nor white color temperature lights are bad for your eyes, they both have different aspects that are important to be aware of.

White lights are going to be closer to natural light, and in that sense, they make better options for working or reading while reducing eye strain.

Yellow lights are good for when you are winding down for the night, as they emit at a lower frequency and signal to our body that the day is coming to a close.

For this reason, it is a good idea to have a lamp that you can easily switch between the two; (there are multiple options like this in the products listed above).



We hope this article was helpful, and that you will be able to take all the information listed above to get the best office lighting for your eyes. All of the products listed above are made from high-quality materials and are great for lessening the amount of eye strain that you will experience at work.