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Best Ambient Light Lamps for Indoor & Outdoor Use

There are a lot of items we place strategically in a room that will always contribute to the ambiance. Ambient lighting is also known as general lighting. The best ambient light can be achieved by the natural light from your windows, lighting lamps that will substitute natural light once the darkness sets in, and other fixtures like the chandelier and other fixtures that offer to light but making your room beautiful.

The role of ambient lighting is not only to provide light in a room but also to create a beautiful atmosphere to make your house welcoming and comfortable. You, however, have to choose the type of ambient lighting that goes with the interior decoration design.


In a hurry? There are the best we picked for you:

With 16 Billion Changing Colors for Different Ambiance Requirement – Aukey Touch Table Lamp

Provide Ambient Light and Health Benefits – RMFSH Full Moon Lamp

Waterproof Strings for Outdoor Patio and Backyard – Brightech Gazebo Light

Ambient and Task Light for Home and Office – Trond White Torchiere


3 Types of Lighting at Home

  • General Lighting

This is achieved by having a light source that provides uniform lighting in the whole room. The natural daylight is a good example of the general lighting.

Apart from the natural light, there are fixtures that can provide the general lighting that includes floor lamps, table lamps, wall-mounted fixtures, and ceiling-mounted fixtures.

  • Task Lighting

It is used for specific lighting concentration on the task a person is doing. The lighting to do this work is fixed next to the place the task is going to be carried out.

Various lights that can perform this include the slim line bar lights, portable desk lamps, and pendant lighting.

  • Accent Lighting

Apart from lighting, it is usually used to create some visual interests. It is used to shine a light on paintings, houseplants, and other house decoration fixtures.

Apart from providing the light to see the fixture on its own, it adds beauty to a home. It can be the track lights or the wall-mounted fixture.


What Is an Ambient Lamp?

This is also known as general lighting. It is a source of light that can provide illumination to the whole room. The natural sunshine is a source of ambient lighting in our homes. This is because it provides lighting independent of other sources.

When darkness or the night comes, there should be other sources to provide lighting independently. When you are inside your house, the sources of ambient lighting can be a chandelier, ceiling-mounted fixtures, wall-mounted fixtures, table lamps, and floor lamps.

Outdoor lighting sources are to enable you to see at night and increase security. This can be achieved with the use of spotlights, hanging string fixtures, and wall lighting.


Reviews of the 7 Best Ambient Light Lamps

#1. Best Sale – Aukey Dimmable Ambient Desk Light with Changed Color and Touchable Base

Aukey ambient table lamp
Touch Sensor Ambient Light Lamp

This is a modern compact design lamp that can easily fit the small spaces in your home. It offers versatile lighting that is great for studying, relaxing, or sleeping. It is fitted with a touch-sensitive panel that enables you to set any setting as you wish.

The Aukey table lamp is suitable for the living room, bedroom, hallways, and modern offices. You can select between different brightness levels of the warm white light and a variety of colors that can be displayed when on.

By just tapping on the touch-enabled base, you can select among the three different brightness levels. The three brightness settings are the soft, moderate, and bright warm white color. With this, you can create a welcoming and comfortable room where you can relax and do any activity you like in peace.

Additionally, you will get a variety of colors that the light can be displayed from red, blue, green, and you can select the one to set you in a mood you want. The base of the lamp can rotate 360 degrees that ensure you have an easy time switching it on and off, controlling brightness and selecting the color. Moreover, you will have an ac adapter that will be used in charging the lamp.

  • It is portable.
  • It is easy to use
  • It can be used in all rooms in your house.
  • The touch feature makes controlling very easy.
  • It has three different brightness levels to give you a variety of choices to choose from.
  • No batteries included meaning it cannot be used in areas with no electric power.

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#2. Runner up – ACED Cordless Moon Lamp with Ambient Light

ACED 7.1 Inch Large Moon Lamp
Cordless Moon Light for Ambiance

When you talk of style, this lamp is like a moon in the space illuminating the earth. Apart from providing light in your room, this lamp is a beauty on its own, and you will enjoy having it in your home.

It is 3D printed; this ensures it mimics the appearance of the moon and very delicate. With its unique shape, it makes the room fun, and the children can love playing with it and having them. It has three different brightness levels that are the warm white, daylight white, and cold white. You can select the brightness level to match the occasion or your mood.

Adjusting the various setting on this lamp can be done by touching the base or by using a remote control. The inbuilt battery can provide 4-20 hours of illumination that all depends on the brightness level selected. It is also fitted with a USB charging port that you can use to charge other devices. There is also a two-hour timer that will automatically shut off the lamp after two hours are over.

It can be a good gift for your friends getting married, a birthday or an anniversary. It is a creatively designed lamp that can add beauty to your kid’s room, bedroom, or the college dorm. You can also adjust the color of lighting from warm yellow to cool white to create a comfortable room for you.

  • It is creatively designed to look like a moon.
  • There is a remote control to use in controlling the lamp.
  • The lamp is fitted with a rechargeable battery that you can use even when power is out.
  • No adjustable heights.

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#3. Waterproof – Mr.Go Rechargeable LED Ambient Cube Light

Mr.Go Waterproof Rechargeable LED Color-changing Light Cube 8
Rechargeable Operated Cube Ambient Light

If you need a light that will change the outlook of your living space to make it bright and sensational then this light cube will do the trick. You will get a rechargeable light cube. The LED cube has an inbuilt lithium-ion battery that is 1000 amperes.

This battery will provide light for 8-12 when it is fully charged. It is sold with an AC adapter for charging whenever and it can take 1 to 2 hours to be full. With this cube, you are assured of a light source to decorate your living spaces.

There is a small remote control to use in setting your preferred settings. This ensures you can set it in the comfort of your bed or couch. It has 16 different colors that you can select from according to your mood.

The light cube has five brightness levels and four cool light transitions. This means you can set it in the way you like to create a comfortable room. Additionally, when it is functioning, the heat doesn’t build up so you can touch it and carry around.

  • It is easy to use.
  • It is a good item for home decoration.
  • Remote control for setting it is available.
  • It is portable that you can carry anywhere.
  • The cube has a battery that makes it run even when power is off.
  • No other shape options.

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#4. For Bedroom – Taloya Flush Mount Ceiling Light

TALOYA LED Flush Mount Ceiling Light
Pink Ambient Light for Bedroom

If you need a sensational light that can be installed on your ceiling, then Taloya is your kind.

It is super easy to install that you can do it on your own with just screws and no skill is needed. The Taloya light is not dimmable to mean you have to select your favorite color when buying. They only work with a switch that is installed on the wall for switching on and off.

The quality and safety of the customers come first. It is built with a plastic body that is fire-resistant and prevents any cases of electric shock that may be caused by short-circuiting. Over time the body of the light maintains its shape and color. No part will be rusted, ensuring that the light can last for long.

With the switch, you can turn on the normal daylight that can be used in kid’s rooms to sleep or be used to see around your bedroom. You can toggle the wall switch to get the other light color that can be used to set a different mod in a room. It is a low energy consuming bulb that will ensure your energy cost is way low.

  • It is easy to install and use.
  • It can be used as a source of the daylight for viewing.
  • It is not dimmable.

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#5. For Backyard – Brightech Outdoor Hanging String Lights

Brightech Ambience Pro
Brightech Ambient Light for Yard

We all have those external places that we like to relax on our own to just think or enjoy the breeze. With such spaces, you need cool lighting to brighten up these spaces. These lights will warm up your porch or patio that after a difficult day, you can relax there to enjoy yourself.

These lights are also perfect for birthday parties and wedding parties. Each cable that is 24 feet will have seven lights fitted that are spaced 3 feet. They are made of high-quality materials to ensure they can last for long. You also have them being waterproof, and once you have installed, you can leave them there always.

They are good for dinner dates, and the wire can be connected to the dimmer. At the moment of celebration, you can switch the brightness up or low as you wish. The product has a three-year warranty that you are assured if they stop working, then you will get a replacement or the whole light source.

  • You can easily install and use the light.
  • It is waterproof that can be used throughout the year.
  • The brightness of this light can be changed to set the right mood.
  • The guide wire is not in the package.

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#6. Tall – Kira Home Ambient Torchiere Floor Lamp

Kira Home Horizon 70" Modern LED Torchiere Floor Lamp
Modern Standing Ambient Light

This lamp is made with high-quality products and with good brushed nickel finishing. It is very simple in design with fantastic features as a Saturn glass diffuser that will soften the light emitted. A pivoting head that enables you to change the direction the light is projected to and a heavy, sturdy base for support always.

This lamp is compatible with the wall switch, timer, and a smart plug. The craftsmanship incorporated in the making is of high quality. Additionally, assembling this lamp is an easy task, and it is perfect in illuminating the small rooms in your home, apartment, dorms, a.

This lamp uses 250 watts to give the required brightness. Moreover, a dimmer is available to enable you to dim from either way between 10 percent and 100 percent. You can also use a timer to set when to switch off or use a wall switch.

  • It is easy to use.
  • The lamp is very bright to illuminate your room perfectly.
  • It is costly compared to others.

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#7. For Office – Trond LED Torchiere Lamp with Natural Daylight

TROND LED Torchiere Floor Lamp Ambient Light
Tall Ambient Light Torchiere

This is an upgraded light source with 56 highly effective LEDs. With the new lighting LED chips, it can give natural light of 5500 Kelvin enough to light up your bedroom, living room, or office.

Assembling this light is an easy task. Four aluminum rods are fixed together. They have an integrated power cord inside it. With the four aluminum rods, you can change the height of the lamp as you wish.

The touch control is fixed on this lamp that is used to change the brightness of the lamp. At the brightest setting, it will be giving 5000 lumens, and at the lowest setting, it will be giving 630 lumens. It also has a timer that you can long-press the button to switch it on and off for two seconds, and after 30 minutes, the lamp will go off.

Additionally, this lamp is compatible with manual switching on and off, but you may experience a delay because of the wiring design. This lamp also has a memory function that gets back to the previous setting after switching on.

  • It is easy to assemble and use.
  • The touch controls make it easy to set any setting.
  • The bulb can’t get replaced.

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How Do You Create Ambient Lighting?

Ambient lighting is essential for operation in any home. It also creates a perfect mood for relaxing in your room. You can achieve it by:

  • Use Natural Light

It is a good source of ambient lighting. It doesn’t have any negative effects on your health, either fatigue or eye soreness. You can achieve this by ensuring you have wide windows in your home and open them always to let in a lot of light. This will create a good mood that will make you relax and enjoy your stay perfectly.

  • Reflect the Natural Light

Sometimes you might not have enough windows and doors to let in enough natural light. In this case, you can install mirrors or other reflective materials.

When natural light bounces off the mirror or the reflective material across the walkway or the room, it creates a good environment. You will be able to see clearly without struggling, and it can make your house beautiful without any renovations.

  • Try Different Light Sources

Mixing up the light sources may create a nice cocktail of illumination. You can experiment with the various kinds of lighting as the floor, table, wall, or ceiling lights.

Apart from them providing light to your home, they can add a little aesthetic appeal to make your room look nice.

The colors of the light source, the material used in the making, and the finishing all have a certain impact they create in a room.

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  • Try Fluorescent Bulbs

These bulbs always provide the brightest lightning while using less power. They use less power and do not generate a lot of heat. You can also get them in different designs and functionality.

  • Install Dimmers and Zones

Having the dimmers is crucial in your home. This enables you to create different moods in different rooms.

You can have your kitchen with different lighting, your bedroom with different lighting and all the other rooms. This helps create different moods when you walk into a different room.



The above article will give you an insight into what needs to be done to create a good ambiance in your home. Selecting a lamp that has many color settings will not add aesthetic value to your house immediately. You need to get a lamp that will go with your style of interior decoration.