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Best Desk Lamp for Kids – Top Lights for Children’s Rooms in 2022

The average teenagers today spend most of their time in front of a computer daily, either for reading or just surfing the internet. Getting the best desk lamp for kids is a key element in having a good reading environment and cut down on electricity bills.

Let’s face it, if your kids have a well-functioning desk lamp, they would be less likely to turn on the bulb at all times. Desk lamps add a lot of style to your kid’s room, and its best you go for a design that best defines their personality. The most obvious use of a desk lamp is for lighting up a specific area, but it doesn’t hurt to buy one to highlight an ornament or a feature in the room.

So, before buying a desk lamp, it makes sense to carry out ideal research to pick the perfect one for your kids.


In a hurry? There are the best we picked for you:

With Convenient Touch Base for All of the Kids – Aukey Bedside Lamp

Rechargeable Rabbit-Shaped Table Lamp with Pen Holder – Neporal Desk Lamp

Eye-Care LED Lamp with Multi Lighting Options – TaoTronics Task Lamp


How Do I Choose a Desk Lamp for Children?

Desk lamps are very task-oriented as it can get you through various activities from superb illumination to providing a focused light for carrying out different tasks and many more.

Selecting a desk lamp for your children seems like a very easy task but when you begin the search you would notice that the opposite is the case.

An ideal desk lamp is your child’s personal best friend; it can assist your child in numerous ways. So, this article would enlighten you on how to choose the best desk lamp for your children because it is very important.

To find a desk lamp that would not strain your eyes when in use because of its dim light can be a quite difficult task. To be able to find the appropriate desk lamp, you would have to consider the perfect size, style, features and type that would suit you and your child’s taste, needs and your child’s room.

  • Lamp Types

There are numerous types of desk lamps, modern-day desk lamps make use of LED lights and they are more beneficial than the old desk lamps which make use of incandescent light bulbs.

When choosing a desk lamp for your children, be certain that it is proportionate to the desk table, if your child has a large table then you get a larger lamp and vice versa.

There are numerous types of desk lamps ranging from gooseneck lamps to clip-on lamps, adjustable arm lamps, bankers lamp and even a magnifying lamp, opt for the lamp that would be most suitable for your children’s room.

  • Lighting Purpose

A desk lamp can be used to add lighting to your child’s room or it can be used studying. Either way, a desk lamp with good lighting should be opted for. This is because desk lamps with dim lights can be dangerous to top your children’s eyes.

Desk lamps are used to light up a particular area either for reading or even decorative purposes; it could be used to beautify your kids’ desk.

  • Lamp Brightness

Desk lamp varies in brightness and light power. You should opt for the best type of lighting for your child’s room. If you want to use it for decorative purposes and get that superb illumination effect or you want to use it for reading.

Take note of the color temperature of a desk lamp before purchasing, a desk lamp could be reading at color temperature of 2200-2700k which is seen to be very warm white or 4000-5500k which is seen to be very cool white, this is necessary to put into consideration because the light affects the rooms’ atmosphere.

If you want a desk lamp for reading, opt for a 4000k and above lighting because it prevents eye-straining but if you want a desk lamp that would illuminate your room or decorate it, choose a desk lamp with a warm color temperature because it is soothing.


What Desk Lamp Is the Best for Kids’ Eyes?

Working for long hours in a dark place can put a considerable strain on the eyes, which can result in premature damaging of the eye, and in the future may cause headaches or migraines. Likewise, the prolonged exposure to bright lamps can also cause havoc on our body – irregular sleeping patterns or impairing productivity.

Recent research has proven that the epidemic of short-sightedness in the western world has been attributed majorly to the use of artificial lights for long hours. So, it’s easy to see why most people look out for desk lamps that won’t hurt the eyes.

Few tips would help you in picking out the best desk lamp for your eyes, without compromising on quality and style.

– Shaded Desk Lamp

Lamps that have composite shades or fabrics seamlessly diffuse the light, which in turn spreads the brightness thereby reducing the harsh glare of the desk lamp. The lesser the contrast of light from the books and the light source itself, the better for your eyes.

You should choose a size based on how big/small your desk is, you wouldn’t want to lose valuable space just because you want a large lamp base, plus a large lamp may also come with too much brightness.

There are versatile designs of lamps out there, so it is easy to find a lamp with a matching shade to accentuate the décor of your room.

– LED Desk Lamp

LED is a perfect choice for those who spend long hours reading or working with a lamp. Most LED lamps incorporate natural brightness which has a positive impact on one’s health.

Research has proved that exposure to natural light or bulbs that mimic sunlight can help the body work better in tune with its native rhythms. Also, it helps to reduce headaches, eye strain and helps you work for longer hours without giving off much heat as halogen bulbs.


Reviews of the 6 Best Desk Lamp for Kids

#1. Best Sale – TaoTronics LED Desk Lamp for Eyes

Eye Friendly Table Lamps for Kids
Best Sale Kids Desk Lamp

For tasks that require a focused and steadier light, the TaoTronics desk lamp is very suited for that. It comes with seven levels of brightness, which you can choose from depending on how well illuminated you want your space to be. Its highest level of brightness is more than bright enough for any typical desk task your kids may want to engage in. it comes with 5 different color modes, ranging from the cool white to a warm glow.

The stand rotates at 90 degrees, thus allowing the base to point straight ahead, with the cable positioned to run down at the back of the table. The LED surface of the lamp can rotate at 45 degrees in either direction. It features an adjustable stand that lets you position the lamp however way you need it when working.

One interesting fact about this desk lamp is that, regardless of how you position it, its frosted panel helps to prevent glare/reflection. It has one of the most intuitive control panels ever, with the spectacular shape that makes it look beautiful on any desk. The design is modern – a premium alloy casing with an anodized aluminum heat dissipation, to avoid overheating.

The lamp comes in white and black, so depending on your décor, you can choose what suits your kids best.

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#2. For Space-saving – Phive Clamp Table Light for Children

clip on desk lamp for children
Children’s Desk Lamp for Study Table

If you feel you have kids or pets who would most like topple over tabletop eye care lamps, then you can try the Phive clamp table light out.

Clipping the lamp on a desk erases any chance of it falling off, and it can also save you table space. It comes with a strong metal clamp that has 2.36 inches capacity, so you can be sure it is secured. If you have a small desk, that is relatively small for a desk lamp, then this one is worth considering.

It is also great for long hours of reading as it protects the eyes because it comes with 4 levels of dimmable brightness. Plus, its swing arms can be adjusted in a downward and upward movement.

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#3. For Girls – Neporal Kids LED Desk Lamp with Pen Holder

cute desk lamp for girls room
Rabbit Desk Lamp for Toddlers

It’s no news that fancy lamps would attract the typical girl kid. The Neporal desk lamp comes with a multi-use container that can be used to put in accessories like lipsticks and a variety of stationeries, so the table can look cuter and tidier.

It comes with an in-built 2000mAh battery which provides you with up to 40 hours of usage at its highest brightness with only 2-4 hours charging time. You can also make use of this wireless desk lamp while charging; it doesn’t in any way cause damage or reduces its durability.

Its anti-slip design ensures that it is tightly secured to the desk, and your kids can use it as they like. Its eye-protection feature makes it suitable for kids; it features a round PC lampshade, non-reflection light which automatically eliminates eye fatigue.

With 3 adjustable levels of brightness, you can switch easily by just tapping the ON/Off button. The adjustable gooseneck turns at 360 degrees, so the light can be easily directed and positioned to precisely any direction of your choice.

Its beautiful cute design – a rabbit design, is what attracts most girls, making it even ideal as a gift, just in case you were wondering what to get a female friend.

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#4. For Nightstand – Bedside Table Lamp Set for Kids

Set of 2 kids bedside desk lamps
Bedroom Table Lamps Set

Regardless of whether the style of your home décor is a sophisticated neutral or bold colorful look, this table lamp features white fabric shades that would accentuate the look of any home. It adds a classy touch of elegance and easily matches with any color scheme.

Every light in the set is made from durable metal with a small round metal base, so you can be sure of its durability, plus its stylish finish makes it the perfect accessory to complement other fixtures and hardware in the home. It also comes with a little round shade that helps to ease the up/down lighting.

The bedside table lamp can be used anywhere throughout the home, in the living room, bedroom, study room and most especially the kids’ room, because it adds a graceful touch to any room.

To reduce the risk of fire disasters or electric shock, always make sure to turn off and unplug the fixture from the switch, while still allowing it cool off before replacing the light bulb. Plus, do not touch the light bulb when the fixture is turned on.

It provides enough of diffused light, thereby protecting the eyes and reducing eyestrain.

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#5. With Touch Base – Aukey Dimmable LED Lamp with Colored Light

touch activated desk lamp
Touch Sensor Table Lamp

Touch lamps offer you maximum comfort and convenience of turning on the light with just the touch of your hand. It’s extremely touch-sensitive, so you can activate the light without having to flip a switch.

It comes with a sophisticated and clean look with versatile lighting that lightens up the room while enhancing the mood. It features a stunning dynamic display with 256-RGB color spectrum – red, blue, red, and everything in between, you can just pause and pick your favorite color.

It comes with three different brightness levels – soft glow, ambient warmth, and bright light, so you can choose which works best for you whether you are reading or relaxing, and you should know that the display is really colorful and quite appealing.

The Aukey lamp is eye-safe, it comes with warm light on every setting, plus its energy-efficient LED technology reduces environmental impacts while saving you money.

The touch control function is at the base and you can activate the lamp power, as you please, adjust the brightness and spin through all the stunning vibrant colors.

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#6. For Decor – Electric Jellyfish Tank Table Lamp

decorative table lamp for kids
Cool Desk Lamps for Kids

Of course, they aren’t exactly real jellyfish, but it sure looks like one. It’s a fascinating piece to get for your kids, the quiet movement of the realistic looking jellyfish and the amazing color changing lights create a peaceful ambiance that would most likely help alleviate stress, anxiety, and tension.

It is ideal for your children’s room, the living room, or even any other room in the home. It features industrial-grade dampeners to ensure that the jellyfish movements are as quiet as a whisper, and you can fix the color by pressing the key “LIGHT”.

Another creative feature of the Electric jellyfish lamp is its automatic shut off function. It turns off 4 hours after your kids have fallen asleep, thereby saving electricity, hence why it is perfect for your kid’s room.

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Touch Lamps vs. Pull Chain Lamps for Kids Room

– Touch Lamps

A touch lamp is a lamp that has no external switch for turning it on and off. It can be turned on without touching any part of the lamp at all. In the actual sense, the major feature that separates the touch lamps from the average lamp with a manual switch is just the switch configuration.

Touch lamps are built with their electric switch that controls the on and off inside the lamp and not outside. How it works is pretty straightforward, no magic. The electrical switch is wired to the circuit in such a way that the circuit is also wired to the inside of the lamp’s external layer.

Many touch lamps emit adjustable levels of brightness without the need for a three-way bulb. The light doesn’t just go on and off when touched; it goes from dim to bright.

When it is set to the bright setting, the power source turns itself on and off quickly in such a way that it appears consistent to the naked eyes but it isn’t.

– Pull Chain Lamps

Pull chain lamps just like the name implies, are lamps that turn off and on with the pull of a chain. The only difference between the pull chain lamp and the touch lamp is its power configuration.

To adjust the brightness of pull chain lamps, you simply tug on the chain to spin through the level of brightness that is suitable for you. however some pull chain lamps come with just on light, so you pull the chain once to turn on, and once to turn it off.

Kids mostly love touch lamps, and it is no brainer to figure out why.


Desktop Lamps vs. Clip on Lamps

There are 2 types of desk lamps for children use.

  • Desktop Lamps

A desktop lamp is an important part of any place setup; your working desk is never complete without one. A desktop lamp has a definite function, as it is used for light tasking and illumination. It is ideally used for studying.

Desktop lamps can sometimes be called study table lamps as they both can be placed on a desk and connected to a piece of furniture nearby.

They tend to be more functional and are usually made from plastic or metal. But it is also cleverly engineered to bend easily to many different positions, so the light source can be adjusted at an angle that suits the person working.

  • Clip on Lamps

Clip-on lamps are the best when your children are aiming to have a clear surface and maximize space, while still wanting to illuminate your space. clip-on lamps can alternatively be referred to as clamp lamps.

It can be placed at the edge of your workspace and provide light while staying out of the way. It always comes with a strong clamp that would hold the unit in place.



Lighting is an essential element in any kids’ room, as it helps them relax better. The key to finding out what type of lamp works best for your kids is understanding their personality, that way you can select the perfect desk lamp for them.