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Best Night Light for 4 Year Old – Top Pick Lamps That Soothing Your Children

From enhancing kids’ attention to reinforcing their behavior, sleep will always be vital. Most importantly, this sleep will depend on their sleeping environment. It will always be critical to consider having the right night light for your child, including your four-year-old.

But, do you know the best options you have at hand? Here are a few of the best night light for 4 year old you might want to consider.

Benefits of buying a night light for 4yr old children

Various advantages come with having a night light in your 4-year-old toddler’s room. Usually, the following reasons will suffice.

#1. Comfort for the child

Using a night light will often provide reassurance to the child, especially when things go bump at night.

Nightly fears are hardly uncommon aged two and above. By adding this light in their room, they tend to be more comfortable and less scared.

#2. Nightly visits

Every parent will often want to check on your child at night. Whether they are sick or not, it will always be vital to do so.

However, such should not be at the detriment of their comfortable sleep. Having this night light means that you will hardly wake them up.

#3. Potty training

There are times that a child gets ready for potty training only after attaining three or four years. With this night light in the room or hallway, the child will have no problem using it.

Further, if the toddler is training to use the toilet seat, this will be the right way to do it.

#4. Safety

There is no denying that a toddler will often want to move around at night. Regardless of the reason, it will always be vital to have enough light in the room.

This way, they will not end up injuring themselves because of knocking stuff on the ground.


Reviews of the 6 best night lights for 4-year-old toddlers

#1. Best with warm and cool white light – Cooper life soft silicone puppy led night light with adjustable timing function

led night light silicone for 4 year old


  • Friendly to the eye
  • Safe for the child to touch
  • Comes with dimmable light and timer
  • Rechargeable design saves battery replacement


  • Fully charge needs time to be done

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The warm and the cool light provided by this LED night light has, indeed, made it famous. Further to this, you will appreciate the myriad of features it has.

This product prides itself on a robust construction. The silicone material used in making this night light is not only BPA-free but also safe for the child.

Further, the LED light produced by this product is non-flickering, which means that it will be friendly to the eye.

Usually, this night light comes with a timing set and touch control.

This control allows you to adjust the brightness of the lamp effortlessly.

With the sleep timer, you will be free to set the time the light should go off. It could be after 30 or 60 minutes, depending on your preferences.

This light comes with a built-in 1200mAh lithium battery, which assures you of bright light when charged.

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#2. Best cheap – Lights by Night plug in night light for 4 years old children bedroom

cheap wall mount plug in led night light for 4 year old children


  • Fairly cheap
  • Enhanced brightness
  • Lightweight and compact
  • Guarantees you of energy efficiency


  • Manual on/off switch

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Most people are often on a budget, and you are no exception. With this night light, you will be sure of not only affordability but also value for money.

This product comes with a relatively compact design, which allows you to enjoy enhanced portability and convenience. Usually, its design will enable you to have an extra outlet at your disposal.

The switch used on this night light is a manual one. Besides accessing it without too much hassle, this switch enhances smoother operation.

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#3. Best with dusk to dawn sensor – GE rustic style night light for nursery

modern plug in led night light bulb with shade


  • Relatively affordable
  • Automated dusk to dawn sensor
  • Its motion detection ability is impeccable
  • You are assured of unmatched brightness


  • May need to plug it into wall outlet

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That this product boats of the best dusk to dawn sensor is no secret. Ideally, its sensor ensures that the light goes off during the day and on at night. It will suffice to mention that it is automated.

This product comes with a relatively rustic design, which can effortlessly complement your interior décor. The vintage design is likely to give a nostalgic glow that will keep the room relaxed and comfortable.

You cannot ignore the decorative nature of this night light. Most often, you will readily position it to cover any unpleasant openings whenever necessary. Further to this, it allows you to have the second outlet at your disposal.

This night light assures you of enhanced brightness. It comes with LED light that provides up to 2200K warm white light.

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#4. Best for bedside table – Zeefo portable led night light with dimmable light

small portable tabletop night light for 4 year old bedside


  • It is battery operated with a timer
  • Impressive remote control abilities
  • Compact design for enhanced portability
  • Dimmable lights that improves eye fatigue and strain


  • Some people might not like its plastic construction

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Sometimes, all you might need is a night light that suits your bedside table. You will never go wrong with this option.

This product comes with 5-stage dimming functions. That implies that you will readily adjust the brightness between 50% and 100%.

Whether you need cool white or warm white light, this function allows you to change. Further, you will be free to adjust the brightness according to the environment.

This night light features a timer function, which ensures that you do not disrupt the baby when asleep.

Additionally, you will be free to use a remote control to change the brightness to a level that suits the sleeping baby.

Noteworthy, the color temperature will range between 2700K and 6500K, and you will be the one to decide which one suits you.

You will be free to alternate between the battery mode and the USB chargeable mode. If you are going for the former, ensure that you remove the USB cable right from the onset.

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#5. Best with wood stand – Segoal rechargeable moon night light for baby

decorative moon night light for 4 year old


  • Enhanced decoration
  • Convenient usb charging
  • Multiple brightness levels, and easy to adjust
  • Comes with dual controls, touch and remote control


  • Doesn’t come with a starry projector

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Are you looking for a moon night light with a wood stand? Look no further than this, as this option is remarkable.

This product features a touch control panel, which allows you to change the atmosphere of the moonlight comfortably. As if that is not enough, you will be free to use its remote control feature.

The remote control works comfortably up to a distance of about 9 feet. Further, the remote will work for four different modes, including gorgeous, romantic, comfortable, and quiet.

This moonlight comes with a USB charging interface, which allows you to enjoy enhanced portability and convenience. You will be free t charge its 5000mAh battery from anywhere.

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#6. Best star projector – GeMoor multiple light show with remote and timer control

rotating starry night light projector for 4 year old


  • Impressive timer function
  • Able to connect the Bluetooth
  • 10 light colors and 3 adjustable brightness intensity


  • No built-in white noise

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Are you in for the best nursery projector? Nothing will beat the satisfaction this product offers.

This product will effortlessly project up to 10 different color modes. Most of these colors will ensure that your child remains calm and relaxed.

For this reason, they will end up sleeping much more comfortably. You will be free to adjust the brightness levels, which come as 33%, 66%, and 100%.

There is a sound-activated flicker function on this night light. As the music plays, the light will keep flickering around per the rhythm. Also, the projector comes with Bluetooth speakers, which allow you to listen to music.

You cannot ignore the remote function provided by this night light. This function ensures that you operate the projector with much ease, and from wherever you are.

There will also be a timer function at your disposal. It provides that you set the sleeping time with much ease.

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What to look for when buying a night light for my 4 year old?

Nothing is as vital as how you choose your night light for your baby. From their comfort to how appealing the night light will be, there will always be a need to pick the best.

Here are a few things to consider when buying this night light.

#1. Check if it has a timer

You can hardly overlook the significance that timers have on night lights.

Usually, it ensures that you effortlessly set when the device should go on or off, and automatically so.

With this programmable timer, it will be much easier for you to establish a consistent, healthy sleeping pattern for the baby.

Besides, it will relieve you of the burden of manually switching the light on and off. Did you know that the auto shut off saves energy too?

Best for Children’s Room – GE LED Night Light Silicone with Dusk-to-Dawn Sensor

modern plug in led night light bulb with shade

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#2. Is it eye-friendly

Did you know that light could compromise the sight of your child in the long run? Unless you are careful about how eye-friendly it is, you will end up disappointed.

Take the time to ensure that this light hardly flickers. There should be no glare, too, as all these will be harsh to the eyes of a four-year-old.

Additionally, LED lights seem to be much friendlier to the eye and should, therefore, top your priorities.

#3. Confirm how bright the light is

There is no denying that you will often need enough light, regardless of the time of the day. However, it would help if you do not pick the brightest light, as this could compromise the comfort of your toddler.

In most cases, low wattage and dimness will come in handy when trying to lull the baby to sleep.

The light should be not only diffused but also shaded. Instead, a soft glow will assure your child of enhanced comfort. Further, adjusting this light needs to be relatively easy.

Best with Adjustable Brightness – Zeefo LED Portable Night Table Lamp for Eyes

small portable tabletop night light for 4 year old bedside

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#4. How do you control it?

The ease of use will often be dependent on the control you have over the night light. It should be effortless and in need of minimal extra skills.

Preferably, you should consider a device that you can effortlessly control with remote controllers. Remote control ensures that you hardly disrupt the peace of your child when sleeping.

Such will also be the time to confirm whether there are sensors on the night light.

These sensors should capably ensure that the night light goes on once light sets in, and go off when there is darkness. Through this, you will be confident of daylight savings.

#5. Pick the right color

The comfort of your child will often be dependent on the color that you choose.

Most often, red night lights will suit any growing child. Thanks to the soothing nature of this color, there will hardly be a hassle in getting the baby to sleep soon.

Usually, red light tends to boost the production of melatonin, which is a hormone responsible for sleep. Besides, this light is suitable for children of all ages. You could also consider white light.

In contrast, choosing blue light might be detrimental to your child’s sleep, as it tends to stimulate attention.

Further, ensure that you choose a night light with multiple light modes. This way, getting the right style for your child will be effortless. It will also be easier for you to select the right color temperature that will hardly be harsh to the child.

Best with 16 Colors – Segoal Moon Night Light with Touch and Remote Control

decorative moon night light for 4 year old

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#6. Check the design

Robust construction is likely to assure you of enhanced longevity. Your focus, therefore, should be on night lights with a broader base and incredible body.

That should not mean that the night light needs to be bulky. A compact design will assure you of better levels of portability.


How do I keep my 4-year-old in bed?

Besides tucking your 4-year-old in bed, you will want that they not only stay there but also sleep comfortably. No parent will be comfortable when they are worried that their child is walking around at night.

For this reason, find a way to ensure that they are relaxed and asleep. That can only happen if you follow the following steps.

– Ensure that the room looks relaxed and inviting

Take the time to decorate and make the room more ambient for the child, preferably with their help.

Whichever bedroom theme that suits your child, you feel free to embrace it. That is because it will enhance their comfort.lso make them feel at home.

While at it, ensure that you install the right night light for them. From the most suitable color temperature and brightness to impressive color modes, let the night light appeal to the child.

This night light is likely to address their fears and boost their confidence at night.

– Establish a routine

It will always be vital to come up with a specific routine to follow.

For instance, you will find it valuable to set the time for your child to sleep and when to wake up. Things will be seamless if you consider a night light that comes with a programmable timer.

With this programmable timer, you will be sure of the night light going on and off at specific times, and automatically so.

This way, you will establish a healthy sleeping pattern for your child. It will ensure that they sleep when time is due.

Best with Timer and Soothing Starry Light – Gemoor LED Night Light with Multiple Functions for Kids’ Room

rotating starry night light projector for 4 year old

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– Ensure your child sleeps in the right bed

The comfort of your child will often depend on the kind of bed you have.

Besides the bed being relatively spacious enough to accommodate the child, ensure that the beddings are soft and comfortable.

– Use incentives

Nothing could be as breathtaking to a child as the promise for a prize. Do not shy away from promising your child something if they can stay in bed.

As long as they have something to look forward to, there is a chance that they will hardly leave the comfort of their bed.



From encouraging sleep to alleviating fears among children, you cannot ignore the urgency of buying the best night light for your 4 year old. These lights have proven to be not only beneficial to growing children but also a sure way of getting value for money.

With the insights provided above, you will effortlessly make logical decisions about which night light to go for and when to do so. Cheers as you get yourself one today!