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Best Nursery Light for Breastfeeding – Top Rated Nightlights for Night Feeds

Are you a new mom looking for the best nursery light for breastfeeding? If that is the case, there are lots of options to choose from. However, a good nightlight for nursing must cast a light that is 100% safe without harmful ray emission.

Also, such a nursery light should emit a low-brightness illumination to let you breastfeed and change diapers without waking your little one.

To help you pick such a lamp, here is a list of the best nursery lights for breastfeeding.

Benefits of Buying a Nursery Light for Breastfeeding

best nursery light for breastfeeding reviews

If you are wondering if investing in a nursery light for breastfeeding is a good idea, below are some of the reasons why you should invest in a nursery light.

1. Cost-effectiveness – For breastfeeding, a nursery light is cheaper to run than a ceiling light. It is an ideal option if you need a source of light that can stay on all night without leaving you to worry about high electricity bills.

2. Practicality – Second, a nursery light is highly practical when it comes to providing illumination that will allow you to feed the baby or change his diapers. It can cast a low-brightness illumination to let you view the baby without disrupting sleep.

3. Safety – Additionally, a breastfeeding nursery light casts a light that is bright enough to let you see the nursery’s surroundings. Because of this, you can see the nursery’s surroundings to reduce the chances of accidents.

4. Stress relief – Transitioning a one-year-old to his or her bedroom could result in him or her having some anxiety. To alleviate such stress, a night-feeds nursery light can cast an ideal illumination to help such kids fall back to sleep, should they wake up in the middle of the night.


Reviews of the 6 Best Breastfeeding Light for Nursery

1. Best Value – Hatch Rest Multifunctional Nursery Light with Sound for Night Feeds

The best choice for a modern nursery is the Hatch Rest+ Baby Nightlight. It comes with a backup battery for an uninterrupted operation.

Also, the nursery light has an LED clock. Using the clock, you can train your kids on the time concepts of a digital clock. You can set different light and sound combinations to lull your baby to sleep.

Plus, you can customize the brightness and colors of the light and the sound and volume of the sound machine. Featuring automatic updates, you do not have to reset the changes after switching the nursery light on.

breastfeeding night light with multi functions

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  • 2-in-1 device

Besides getting it as a nursery light, you can get it as a sound machine. The nursery light offers a range of rainbow colors so that you can customize the light’s color to create a gentle glow that will reassure the kids.

On the other hand, the sound machine offers a range of lullabies, snooze-inducing sounds, and white noise. Thus, it is suitable for soothing toddlers, kids, and babies.

  • Time to rise alert

Still, the nursery light has a time-to-rise alert. The alert allows you to set programs for effective transitions between naps, bedtime, and wake-up time. Therefore, if you need a toddler sleep trainer or a kid’s alarm clock, you can get this nursery light as an excellent choice.

  • Baby audio monitor

If you need a baby monitor that will allow you to check on your baby, this is one of the best audio monitors. The nursery light features an audio monitor, which means that you can listen and talk to your kid through the phone and without the need for extra gadgets.

  • Easy to control

The Hatch Rest+ Baby Nightlight is easy to operate. It can connect to the WiFi and Alexa. Because of this, you can customize the color of the lights and the sounds without lifting a finger.

Plus, the nursery light’s ability to connect to Wi-Fi allows you to control it from anywhere, even when you are away from home.

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2. Best Cute – Mubarek Silicone Bunny Lamp for Nursing Baby at Night

Bring more fun and reduce the anxiety at night after purchasing the Kawaii Nightlight. It is an ideal gift for toddlers, babies, and bunny lovers.

The nursery light is constructed of silicone, whereas it features a squishy design so that kids can squeeze and play with it. It casts a light with up to seven colors to let you pick one that matches your kid’s mood and desires.

kawaii nursery night light for breastfeeding baby

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  • Safe and gentle

The Mubarek baby nightlight casts a gentle and calming glow. Thus, it doesn’t affect a baby’s eyes, which makes it an ideal choice for use by babies and toddlers.

Additionally, the nursery light features 100% baby-safe BPA-free material. Because of this, you do not have to worry about toxins that are harmful to the baby.

Made using soft silicone and featuring rounded edges, this nursery light doesn’t break, whereas the rounded edges protect it from harming the baby.

  • Easy to operate

Also, this nursery light is easy to operate. It has a sensitive touch control panel. Tapping or pressing the touch control allows you to switch among different colors, brightness settings, and modes to create a decompression light that will suit your mood.

Also, the on/off button will enable you to turn the nursery light on or off depending on your needs.

  • Portable source of lighting

If you need a portable nursery light for breastfeeding, the Mubarak baby nursery light is the one you are looking for.

It is lightweight and small so that kids can carry it through the hallway and to the bathroom or bedroom at night. Moreover, the nursery light is USB rechargeable to let you take it wherever you need it.

  • Perfect nursery companion

Finally, this nursery light is an ideal companion for the nursery. It is a silicone nursery light that provides a soft and squishy touch. Therefore, kids can hold it throughout the night to eliminate the fear of the dark.

Furthermore, the nursery light emits a soft glow that doesn’t wake the baby for reliable feeding and changing of the diapers. Besides using the nursery light for breastfeeding, it acts as a cute nursery light for bedtime reading.

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3. Best with Color Changing – BRIGHTWORLD 3D Moon Nursery Light with Remote for Breastfeeding

The BrightWorld is a high-quality moonlight best suited for kids and babies. It is made of PVC and ABS to guarantee durability.

The moon lamp has an LED light source. This source remains cool to touch for user safety. Also, its light is dimmable to let you customize the brightness depending on the mood.

moon night light for nursery breastfeeding

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  • Built-in battery

As a portable nursery light for breastfeeding, the BrightWorld Moon Lamp includes a built-in lithium polymer battery. The 500mAh battery can charge fully for three hours and support usage from 15hours to 30hours. Plus, the battery can recharge using a USB for easy operation.

  • 16 Colors transformation

What’s more, this is a decorative moon lamp. It can cast up to 16 colors, making it suitable for special occasions or decorating kids’ rooms.

  • Two modes of operation

And finally, the moon lamp is easy to operate. It has a metal ring that you are required to touch to switch among seven colors. Additionally, there is a remote control that provides room to switch between 16 colors and dim the illumination.

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4. Best Portable – S.Seldorauk Small Wireless USB Rechargeable Nursery Lights

This is an LED light best suited for use by kids or adults. It derives its power from batteries to enhance portability. The light is made of ABS plastic for strength and durability.

Also, it is versatile, given the ability to remove the puck lights so that you can use the light as an adult nursery light. You can dismantle the nursery light to use it as a flashlight.

dimmable nursery light for night feeds

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  • Adjustable brightness

Designed for those who need a bedside lamp or a nursery light for breastfeeding, these nursery lights provide a light whose brightness is adjustable.

You can long-press the on/off button to achieve the dimmest light that will allow you to feed the baby without waking other family members.

Still, you can achieve the brightest light suitable for reading bedtime stories for toddlers. Featuring a brightness memory function, the nursery light recalls the last-used brightness setting to eliminate the need for adjusting each time.

  • Durable and portable

They are made of toy-grade ABS/PC and silicone materials. Thus, you can get these lights as an ideal choice for durable nursery lights that are 100% safe for toddlers.

What’s more, these lights derive their power from a built-in 500 mAh battery. Because of this, you can take them along when hiking, traveling, and hiking.

  • USB rechargeable

The nursery lights come with a micro USB cable. You can recharge the batteries using the cable for efficient and reliable use. While charging, the light turns red while this color goes out after the charging process is complete.

  • Energy-efficient design

After a full charge and on the highest brightness setting, the batteries of this nursery light can last for 2.5 hours to 3 hours. If the nursery lamp casts light with the average brightness level, the batteries can last for around 24 hours.

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5. Best Budget – LOHAS Plug-in Dimmable Nursery Light for Night Feeding

As one of the best nursery lights for breastfeeding, this is a durable and stylish nursery light. Its maximum power consumption is 1 watt, which means that it is an excellent option to help you save electricity bills.

Better, the nursery light features a mini-size design to protect it from taking up a lot of space. The mini size of the light enables it to leave the bottom outlet free for you to connect other devices.

plug in nursery light for night feeds

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  • Adjustable brightness

This is a practical and convenient nursery light. It is an ideal choice for multiple environments, thanks to the adjustable brightness.

The plug-in nightlight has a slide switch that allows you to adjust the brightness from 5 lumens to 80 lumens. Therefore, you can be sure that it is fit for use in different environments.

  • Automatic on/off

The plug-in nursery light has a motion sensor. The sensor detects the illumination in the room. This enables it to turn on at night automatically or off during the day. Therefore, you must not plug it out each morning.

  • Glare-free illumination

The nursery light is suitable for use in children’s rooms. It emits a glare-free illumination, which means that it will never disturb your eyes during the night.

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6. Best with Warm Glow – GKCI Touch Control Tabletop Light for Nursery Breastfeeding

Concluding our review is the GKCI Touch Lamp. It is a portable nursery light. The light derives its power from batteries that recharge using a USB.

Featuring a retractable hanging strap, you can use this light as an overhead lamp. Plus, the lamp can cast a soft and eye-friendly light that makes it safe to use in children’s rooms.

touch control night light with remote for nursery

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  • 360-degrees touch control

Easy to operate, the bedside lamp has a 360-degrees touch control. This feature is easy to use, given that you can simply tap on the top of the touch lamp and alternate the colors as you wish.

Also, the control allows for the effortless adjustment of the white light mode that offers three levels of brightness.

  • Dimmable and color-changing bulbs

The GKCI Touch Lamp is a portable lamp suitable for different occasions. This nursery lamp uses color-changing and dimmable light bulbs to allow you to customize the light colors and create the ideal mood for all events.

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How to Choose the Best Nursery Light for Night Feeding?

best buy night light for nursery breastfeeding

1. Avoid Rotating Projector

When selecting a nursery light for late-night feeding, you’d better avoid a nursery projector light with rotating stars. After all, you do not want to lure the baby into playtime in the middle of the night.

Therefore, acquire a nursery light that casts a still light since this will make it easier for her or him to go back to sleep.

2. Consider the Light Color

Different breastfeeding nursery lights cast different-color lights.

Some nursery lights emit white, blue, red, and orange colors. On the other hand, some nursery lights cast a spectrum of colors to provide you with an option to choose a color that will match your mood and desires.

That said, I would recommend that you avoid a nursery light that emits blue or green color lights. The reason behind this is that white and blue colors stimulate the mind while boosting attention, which makes it difficult for the baby to go back to sleep.

Therefore, opt for nursery lights that cast a red nightlight or orange color to avoid disrupting your sleep and that of the baby.

3. Check the Portability

Also, consider the portability of the nursery light. I would recommend that you get a portable nursery light for convenience.

A portable nursery light is easy to carry from one room to another, which makes it useful when transitioning the baby to their bedrooms.

Not only that but, a portable nursery light is an ideal option when someone else wants to bottle-feed the baby so that you can have a bit of rest.

4. Brightness Level

The best nursery light for breastfeeding must cast light with an adjustable level of brightness. After all, you will want the illumination to be bright enough to let you feed the baby and change the diapers.

Also, you will want it to be dim enough to avoid disrupting your baby’s sleep. Therefore, get a light with an adjustable level of brightness so that you can pick a brightness that suits your needs.

5. Timer

For the best value for money, opt for a nursery light with a timer. A timer function allows you to set the amount of time the nursery light is supposed to remain on to avoid having it stay on all night.

Therefore, opt for a timer nursery light so that you can set the amount of time the nursery light will stay on. That way, you can avoid wastage of the battery and the electricity.

6. Replaceable bulb

If you want to save a considerable amount of money in the long run, you should opt for a nursery light that has a replaceable bulb. Note that some nursery lights do not have this feature.

This means; should the light break, you will be required to replace the entire nursery light, which is not an excellent idea. Thus, invest in a high-quality nursery light and expect it to serve you for up to 10 years.



Breastfeeding at night without the best nursery light for breastfeeding could interfere with your little one’s sleep, making it difficult for the baby to go back to sleep.

Therefore, avoid interfering with your baby’s sleep but get one of the reviewed nursery lights to help you feed your baby comfortably in the middle of the night.