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Best Travel Night Light Reviews in 2022

Nightlights are beneficial, both for kids and adults. They can illuminate fixtures, stairways, and potential obstacles to guarantee your safety while walking to the bathroom at night.

Also, they can illuminate a kid’s room to eliminate the kid’s fear of the dark and to ensure a mom’s safety while making late night visits.

Apart from using a nightlight at home, you could consider getting one that is best suited for traveling.

Such a nightlight should be portable, which means that it should have a battery power option, and feature a size and weight that will favor you while traveling.

Given the variety of nightlights available for you to choose from, getting the best travel nightlight is not easy.

To help you make the right decision, this guide consists of the best travel nightlights available on the market today. Read on:

best buy travel night light



In a hurry? There are the best we picked for you:

Small and Compact in Size, Cute Cloud Design: Droiee Night Light

Able to Set Regular Sleep-Wake Routine, With Soothing Sounds for Stressful Workers: Hatch Sleeping Light with Clock

With Dusk to Dawn Sensor for Automatic Illumination and Pleasing Light: Maz-Tek Plug in Nightlight


Benefits of Using a Night Light When Travelling

1. Better visibility of the surrounding

A travel nightlight can offer better visibility of the surroundings you are not accustomed to.

Come to think about it; In new places, you are likely to step on obstacles or trip over furniture and other items since you are not used to such environments.

To protect that from occurring, a nightlight can cast a soft glow that will let you view the surroundings without the fear of waking the people you are sharing the room.

2. Help children sleep

Babies are most likely to be insecure while sleeping in new environments. They could end up waking up traumatized or disturbed in the middle of the night.

To prevent that from happening, you could opt to get a travel nightlight.

Its dim illumination provides a sense of security by enabling kids to view the surroundings and be sure that they are sleeping in a safe place.

3. Assist with toilet trips

When traveling, you will need a nightlight to assist with toilet trips.

The reason behind this is that you do not want to wake the people you are sharing a room with, using the bright light of a flashlight.

To avoid that, the soft glow of a nightlight can make it possible to walk through new environments without the fear of hitting onto something or disrupting the sleep of the people you are sharing a room with.


Reviews of the best travel nightlights

TaoTronics LED Nursery Lamp – With Long Runtime

kids portable night lights

Taking the lead in this review is TaoTronics LED Nursery Lamp. As one of the best choices for a travel nightlight, it features an IP65 waterproof design and a long-lasting battery.

Because of the waterproof design, you can carry it for outdoor activities, thus an excellent choice for hiking, family trips, adventures, and camping.

Also, the nightlight is compact and lightweight to enhance portability.

The nursery lamp derives its power from a battery that lasts up to 5 hours in the maximum brightness and up to 80 hours in the minimum brightness.

Kid-friendly nightlight

The Taotronics is an excellent choice for a nightlight for use in nurseries. It is best suited for use by kids, thanks to the thoughtful design that makes it your kid’s favorite source of illumination.

The nightlight is made of top-grade ABS and PC plastic. These materials are BPA-free to create an environment that is safe for the kids.

Better still, the nightlight comes with expression stickers. Using the 20 cute facial expressions, kids can bring in a sense of fun and creativity and turn the lamp into their favorite companion.

Easy to operate

Still, this nightlight is easy to use. It has easy touch control. The touch control is located on the top of the nightlight and designed in such a way that kids can easily learn to use it and play with it.

Kids can touch the top of the nightlight to dim the light’s brightness.

Also, they can touch the logo to adjust the light color. Double tapping the top can switch the nightlight on or off.

Finally, a physical button based on the bottom allows you to cycle through weak, strong, and SOS mode.

Energy-efficient LED bulbs

The Taotronics nightlight integrates energy-efficient LED bulbs. These bulbs deliver a uniform light that doesn’t flicker to protect your kid’s eyes.

The light’s color is adjustable from cool white to warm white, which means that you can create the ideal lighting for reading or cuddling a baby to sleep.

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CHWARES Portable LED Night Light

easy to carry on rechargeable night light

The Chwares is a multi-functional LED nightlight. Whether you need a nightlight for traveling, camping, or one that will accompany you all night, it is one of the best choices.

The nightlight is made of flexible silicone materials. The silicone parts are soft to touch and washable for the kids’ safety.

Adding to that, the nightlight is portable and cute, thus an ideal choice for a nightlight that will bring you a warm feeling plus accompany you all night.

Adjustable lighting

Designed to cast an ideal light suitable for different occasions, Chwares Children Night Light offers an adjustable illumination.

It offers three modes of warm white light and seven color-changing light modes. You can use the nightlight to create a soft atmosphere to comfort kids to sleep.

Plus, you can set it to cast the light in seven colors to create a romantic atmosphere.

Sensitive control

Easy to operate, this nightlight has a sensitive tap control and an on/off button. Pressing the on/off button on the back of the lamp allows you to turn it on or off.

Also, you can press the sensitive tap control to change the light mode or light color.

Battery powered

Recommended as one of the best travel nightlights, this nightlight derives its power from a 1200mAH rechargeable battery.

The high-quality lithium battery takes 3-4 hours to recharge. After a full charge, you can use it for 12-15 hours depending on the lighting mode.

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UNIFUN Night Light with 360 Degree Touch Panel – Easy to Use

touch sensitive night light for travel

Third, we have the Unifun Touch Lamp. The lamp comes in a package that contains a micro USB cable and user manual.

Also, there is a lithium polymer battery. The battery lasts up to 8hours on the minimum brightness and up to 4 hours on the maximum brightness.

Touch control panel

As the name suggests, this is a touch lamp nightlight. It features an easy touch control.

The touch-activated control requires you to touch it over three seconds so that you can turn the light on or off.

Additionally, the control allows you to customize the light color and brightness.

Adjustable brightness and light color

The Unifun Nightlight is an ideal choice for various events. It casts a light whose brightness is adjustable.

This means that you can customize the brightness level to low, medium, or high for comfortable illumination in different places.

Better, the nightlight adopts an Autocycle RGB color combination. Because of this, you can set a fixed (red, green, or blue) light color or set the light to cycle through different light colors.

Eye-friendly illumination

Finally, the Unifun nightlight features a 360° light panel. The panel delivers a uniform and delicate light.

This means that you do not have to worry about a harsh light that will wake the baby or affect his or her eyes.

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SecurityMan Baby Night Light for Kids

adjustable flash night light for travel

The ideal nightlight, whether you need one for a bedside or baby’s room is the SecurityMan Baby Night.

When plugged in, it automatically wakes up after a power outage so that you will never have to switch it on manually.

The nightlight uses LED bulbs that stay cool to the touch for the user’s safety. Also, it includes easy-to-use controls for easy operation.

Adjustable lighting

The SecurityMan nightlight is suitable for use in different environments. It has two light modes comprising a warm white color and cool white color.

These colors have an adjustable level of brightness, which makes the nightlight suitable for use in different settings.

Rechargeable nightlight

What’s more, this is a wireless nightlight. It derives its power from a rechargeable battery. The battery lasts up to 28 hours in the low power mode for reliable use day and night.

Besides that, the nightlight features a smart charging dock with an anti-skid base. You can plug it into any USB port to keep the nightlight charged.

Safe for children

If you need a travel nightlight that is safe for kids, I would recommend the SecurityMan Baby Night Light.

It features class-3 insulation to protect the user from shock. Better, the nightlight is IPX4 waterproof, thus safe for use in outdoor environments.

Designed to cast a light that isn’t harsh on the eyes, the nightlight is 100% suitable for use in nurseries.

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Gladle Magnetic Bedside Night Light – With Timer Settings

travel night light with timer

This is a magnetic nightlight for kids. It is compact and lightweight for portability. The nightlight derives its power from a 2200mAh internal rechargeable battery.

On a full charge, the batteries can deliver up to 100 hours of use in the darkest light setting and up to 6 hours of use in the brightest light setting.

Adjustable light color and brightness

This nightlight offers three light modes. The options include 2700k warm light, 6500k cool light, and a 256RGB color spectrum.

Thus, you can customize the light color to suit your mood. In the warm light mode and cool light mode, you can adjust the brightness by long pressing the top.

Built-in magnet and timer

What’s more, the nightlight comes with a metal plate with back adhesive.

You can stick the nightlight to metal surfaces directly or use the back adhesive to attach it to non-metallic surfaces.

To enhance the lifetime of the batteries, the nightlight integrates a 1-hour timer.

You can tap the timer button so that you can set the nightlight to stay on for a set amount of time to save the batteries.

Safe and durable lighting source

Gladle Bedside Night Light is a safe and durable source of lighting. The nightlight is durable so that it can withstand child play.

Also, it is made of toy-grade ABS and BPA-free silicone, assuring you that it is non-toxic and safe for use by kids.

The nightlight delivers a soft alluring glow making it is safe to use in a nursery or kid’s bedroom.

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Munchkin Light My Way Nightlight

battery powered night light for travel

The Light My Way Nightlight is perfect for adults and toddlers. It adopts a one-button control for easy operation.

The adorable owl nightlight can comfort toddlers during bedtime and provide reassurance following scary dreams.

Safe to use, the nightlight features a cuddly design while emitting a soft low illumination to protect your kid’s eyes.

Portable nightlight

The Munchkin nightlight is portable, thus an ideal choice for the best travel night light. It is compact and lightweight for portability.

Furthermore, the nightlight is 100% battery-operated to eliminate the need for having cords and charging stations near your toddler.

Automatic timer

If you need a travel nightlight with a long-lasting battery, I would recommend the Munchkin Light My Way Nightlight.

It has an automatic timer that enables the light to go off automatically within 20 minutes. Thus, the nightlight doesn’t consume unnecessary power for a long-lasting battery.

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Mubarek Cute Dog Night Light

cute travel night light for baby boy

If you are looking for a travel nightlight that is easy to operate, Mubarek Night Light is an excellent option. It has an on/off button that makes it easy to switch on or put off.

Also, there is a sensitive touch control. The control is easy to press so that you can switch between a seven-color rotating mode and a standard warm light mode.

Soothing nightlight

Designed for use by kids, this is a soothing nightlight. It is super cute, thus an ideal gift for toddlers, babies, puppy lovers, and adults.

The nightlight uses LED light bulbs. Besides durability, these bulbs emit a non-flickering light that is safe on babies’ eyes.

Still, the eye-caring LEDs do not get hot to the touch, thus suitable for use in homes with kids and pets.

Lasting battery and a timer

Something else that makes the Mubarek Night Light for Kids an ideal choice for a travel nightlight is the long-lasting battery and timer.

The nightlight includes a built-in 1200mAh battery. The battery supports a portable usage of up to 15 hours after a full charge.

Better still, the nightlight has an automatic shutdown timer.

The timer makes it possible to customize the operation time for 30 minutes or 60 minutes so that the nightlight can go off after the depletion of that time to save the batteries.

All-night companion

This nightlight can function as an all-night companion. Its rechargeable battery supports more than 10 hours of use.

Furthermore, the cute nightlight features a cuddly and portable design to allow kids to carry it anywhere and play with it.

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S. SELDORAUK LED Modern Wireless Tap Lights – Small Size

night light for adults and seniors

The best travel light for hiking or camping is S. Seldorauk LED Nursery Light. It features a handy size that allows you to take it along with other tools without weighing you down.

The nightlight derives its energy from a 500mAh polymer lithium battery for portability. The battery is USB rechargeable for reliability and convenience.

Dimmable nightlight

The S. Seldorauk is a dimmable nightlight. Whether you need a bright illumination for reading or a dim illumination that will allow you to wake up at night, it is one of the best choices.

It features a full-range step-less dimmer for easy adjustment of the brightness.

The nightlight saves the last brightness setting, which means that you don’t have to reset it after switching it on.

Energy-saving LEDs

This is an energy-saving nightlight. It uses LED bulbs that enable it to offer 2.5 hours to 3 hours of continuous lighting in the highest brightness setting.

In the normal brightness, the nightlight can last for up to 24hours.

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Droiee Cloud Night Light for Grils – Appealing Look

soft night light for travel

The ultimate choice for a travel nightlight, whether you need one for a kid’s room, kitchen, restroom, or bedroom, is Droiee Night Light.

Easy to use, the nightlight has dual on/off controls. This means that kids can put it on or off without your help.

Soft illumination

Besides ease of use, the nightlight casts a smooth soft brightness. The soft illumination can brighten a room without waking them.

Also, the light doesn’t glare or flicker, which means that you do not have to worry about it hurting the baby’s eyes.

Multiple charging options

Designed for user convenience and reliable illumination, this nightlight has multiple charging options.

You can connect it to a USB cable for direct charging. Still, you can insert AAA batteries in case of a power outage or when you need a portable nightlight.

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How to Choose the Best Travel Night Light? 

how to choose the right travel night light for kids and adults

1. Dimensions of the nightlight

The best travel nightlight should be portable. Therefore, look for a compact nightlight.

Such a nightlight should feature dimensions that will fit into your luggage bag or backpack without straining you.

Moreover, it should be lightweight and designed in such a way that it will not add much weight to your luggage for convenience while traveling.

2. Power requirements

Nightlights are of two types: Battery-powered nightlights and plug-in nightlights.

When looking for the best travel nightlight, I would recommend that you opt for the battery-powered models.

Besides, you could get a plug-in nightlight but opt for one with a battery backup.

The reason I would recommend that is to ensure that you are sorted out should you be in a place without a power outlet.

Once you get a battery-powered model, be sure that the batteries can last for long.

Alternatively, get spare batteries to ensure that you will always be sorted out should the batteries run out.

3. Materials

Which materials is the travel nightlight made of? The best model must be made of durable and safe materials.

Therefore, if you are getting a nightlight that is made of plastics, look for one that doesn’t contain lead, latex, BPA, or phthalates.

Also, ensure that the nightlight highlights a solid build to assure you of long-lasting performance, without the fear of break downs or stopping to work.

4. Pet or child-friendliness

If your travel nightlight is for kids or homes with pets, I would recommend that you purchase a kid and pet-friendly nightlight.

In simple terms, get a nightlight with bulbs that remain cool to the touch to protect small hands from getting burnt.

Also, get a model that emits a glare-free night to protect the eyes from harm.

A nightlight that is made of shatterproof materials is also worth it, while it must not contain small parts likely to be swallowed by the kid or pet.

And, if the nightlight is for accompanying kids when sleeping, get a model that features plushy and soft materials to allow kids to cuddle with it.

5. Bulb type

Different nightlights use different types of bulbs. Some nightlights use LED bulbs, incandescent bulbs, CFLs, or halogen bulbs.

When looking for the best travel nightlight, I would recommend one that uses LEDs.

LEDs are long-lasting types of bulbs, which means that they can last for years without requiring you to spend lots of cash to replace them.

Additionally, LEDs emit an eye-friendly light to protect the eyes from harm.

Best of all, LEDs do not get hot after hours of illumination, which means that you can get them when looking for the best nightlight for homes with kids or pets.

6. Brightness level

The best travel nightlight should provide illumination with adjustable brightness.

After all, you do not want a nightlight that will provide a light that is too bright since this would affect your sleep.

Still, a nightlight that delivers a light that is too dim could provide insufficient illumination, which could make it difficult for you to see around.

Therefore, opt for a nightlight with adjustable brightness to let you customize the brightness to suit your needs.



There you have it; the best travel nightlights available on the market today.

For a peaceful night of sleep and to assure your kids that all is fine while spending a night in new places, I would recommend that you buy one of the reviewed products because of the affordable prices and for the best value for money.