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Best Daylight Desk Lamps – Top Table Lights with Natural Daylight Bulbs in 2022

Several reasons could make one want to purchase a daylight desk lamp. It could be because of insufficient lighting from where you study or operate from or the need to enhance the type of lighting.

Before you venture into buying a lamp, you should always be familiar with the features of the lamp. Its characteristics and functionality are some pointers you should take note of. Here are some of the best picks for a natural daylight desk lamp that you can purchase.


In a hurry? There are the best we picked for you:

With but Not Limited in Daylight – TaoTronics Full Spectrum Table Lamp

For Crafters and Artists – Verilux LED Full Spectrum Desk Lamp

For Elderly and Beauticians – Brightech Daylight Magnifying Lamp

For Light Therapay – Verilux 10000 Lumens UV-Free Light


What is a daylight desk lamp?

It is a type of lamp that is usually situated at the side of a working table or desk, which tries to emulate natural lighting that would otherwise be found outside or produced by the sun. The desk lamp has the potential to light up a whole room or workspace with different types of light.

There is warm light which is usually low in the spectrum or cool light further up the spectrum closing in on 6000K.


Why buy a natural daylight table lamp?

best daylight desk lamps reviews

#1. Improves current poor lighting

It is a common occurrence to find buildings or apartment houses built in areas that do not have the best lighting. Some offices and houses may lack windows that let natural light in. This may hinder productivity and make an individual lose track of time.

It could be well over midday but to you in your cave seems like the day is just beginning. To correct this, you could always install a daylight desk lamp to keep your apartment or workplace under illumination.

#2. Helps get a clearer vision

Given that some people have had challenges with their eyesight or rather they could be short-sighted or long-sighted, with the help of natural daylight desk lamps, it could help them see even the most minute of details with your pre-existing condition.

Daylight desk lamps sort of levels out the playing ground as those with poor vision can see and those who can, do so better.

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#3. Relives winter blues and depression

Light in itself is therapeutic. Those suffering from SAD disorder or anxiety will attest that light therapy indeed works by brightening up the mood and giving you the much-needed push to do what pertains to you.

#4. Illuminates specific area

In a setting where there is ample light and there is no particular struggle to see you may need a surplus of light to make out a clearer picture of what you were doing. This could be painting, drawing, or working on intricate pieces of material.

This is also applied by those in the cosmetics industry who want to create the perfect image of someone. A daylight desk lamp comes much in handy.

#5. Assists plant growth

There is sometimes a special requirement of light that arises.

You may get a new pet or plant for instance and he requires light for good growth and production of vitamin D, keeping him in your apartment that is starved of sunlight will not be advisable but if you do so a sunlight desk lamp will come to your rescue.


Factors to consider when buying desk lamps with daylight

Keep these factors in mind and you can pick up what you want in a manner of minutes.

#1. Use

The first thing you should take into account before buying any daylight desk lamp is what you intend to use it for. There are multiple uses of the natural daylight desk lamps whether you want to illuminate a certain section or specifically use it in doing work like drawing or reading. Make sure you fully understand the features in order to suit your intended purpose.

For reading, you need a flicker-free light and for drawing, it is much better to use a lamp that features a CRI higher than 85.

#2. Color temperature

The color temperature is like the type of light you want the desk lamp to produce. There are those that edge towards the incandescent bulb producing warmer light and there goes that edge towards the fluorescent type of light which is cooler.

Check the rating at which the desk lamp in question operates at and get to know what type of light it produces before you buy. Color temperatures of around 2500k are warm while those that exceed 6000K are cooler in the spectrum.

Try to find a lamp that is adjustable because you may need a different color temperature at different times or different places. This will save you a lot of time.

#3. Brightness

Your desk lamp may be perfect on all cylinders but the fact that it is either too dim or too bright makes it obsolete. You do not want a lamp that makes you strain to see because of low or too much lighting. The brightness is usually measured in lumens or lux.

Check this rating always before you buy depending on what you are going to shine the light on. A higher rating suggests the lamp is very bright while a lower rating suggests that the light is mild.

In the same way, try to find a lamp in which the brightness setting is adjustable because you may need to change up to or down the brightness depending on the time of day or the type of project.

Want an adjustable lamp for multi-tasks? Look at the TaoTronics desktop lamp with adjustable 30 levels of light intensity.

#4. Adjustability

To find a rigid lamp will ultimately ruin the whole goal. If it is stiff and not able to move you’ll be limited to the illumination set at that point. On the other hand, if it were easily adjusted, then it will be a walk in the park to work on any type of Project.

The adjustability of a lamp is ultimately governed by how the joints move with one another and the spacing between the links that form the lamp. Check for one with a wide range of motion as it will favor almost all types of jobs.

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#5. Longevity

It would be pointless to invest so much in a desk lamp that works so perfectly yet it only works for a short time. We want the best value for our money and we should, therefore, look for a lamp which is sturdy enough to stand the test of time and ensure that the lights can run for incredibly long hours. A good benchmark is somewhere close to 10000 hours running time and a warranty of 2 to 3 years.

#6. Memory

Though not all lamps offer this. It is still an added advantage to have it as an additive to your lamp. It simply makes work easier by remembering the setting you previously used or use more often.

Most of the lamps that are coming out now have this in their bag of tricks and it will do you good if you find one that has it.

#7. Power consumption

Because the lamp runs on electricity it will eventually cost you to keep the lamp running. Look for a led table lamp that does not take in a lot of power but the output is on the higher side. Running at a higher voltage current and wattage will inevitably lead to greater costs.


Reviews of the 8 best daylight desk lamps

Daylight desk lamps should have adjustable brightness and an adjustable lamp holder to accurately illuminate in any set position across a wide range of views. Here are some of the best picks:

#1. Best value – TaoTronics TT-DL 16 metal led desk lamp with natural daylight

TaoTronics bright daylight desk lighting fixture


  • A built-in USB port which makes multitasking a breeze
  • Adjustable brightness to suit your ever-changing needs
  • Different color modes to choose from for different moods or settings


  • Comes with integrated LED light bulbs

This model is made up of a scratch-resistant metal surface making it sturdy, robust, and feel top class. It operates at 2 amperes emitting 600 lumens of glare-free light.

This lamp can generate various light for multipurpose. It has five color modes from cool to warmer colors with 6 brightness levels. The color temperature ranges from 2700K to 6500K effective in setting certain moods throughout the day or depending on the type of job through touch-sensitive controls.

The frame is highly adjustable with the base twisting 90°, above the base, it bends at 145°. At the neck, it bends at 120° enabling it to illuminate efficiently in any position. It is built-in a USB port to charge your phone or tablet.

It also has a memory feature that saves the brightness and color temperature you are most at ease with or the one you use most when it is in use.

When not in need of strong illumination, like going to sleep, there is a night light function and a 60-minute timer mechanism.

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#2. Hot sale – LE daylight desk task lamp with eye-care light

LE dimmable daylight reading table lamps


  • It is highly adjustable
  • The brightness levels can be changed
  • The memory feature which presets your previous conditions


  • The color temperature, being 5000K, can not be adjusted

This lamp is built out of an aluminum frame which is good at dissipating heat generated when in use.

Using touch-sensitive controls you can adjust the light at 7 different settings from 40% to 100% through at a constant color temperature of 5000K.

The light is non-glare and flicker-free due to the PC diffusion cover encasing the bulb which effectively protects the eyes and reduces fatigue.

The lamp comes with a memory function that remembers present ample lighting conditions. When you find the right setting that suits you make sure to hit the favorite button which will enable you to go back to the setting.

The frame is fully adjustable as the base rotates 340°and bends at 150°. At the neck, it bends at 180° to stand upright and the bulb rotates a 270° angle to illuminate in any position.

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#3. With sun light – LSE natural full spectrum daylight desk lamp for bad eyes

LSE full spectrum daylight desk light for sewing and crafting


  • It emits a full spectrum light
  • The powerful light it produces can illuminate even the darkest of places


  • You cannot change the brightness

The lamp is made of high-quality plastic with a matte finish. It is extremely lightweight and looks the part of a top tier desk lamp.

It emits a daylight full spectrum light at 6500K and 1800 lumens which is remarkably bright.

The centerpiece from the base of the lamp to the actual bulb itself is adjustable as you can twist it however you wish to the preferred illumination spot.

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#4. For eye strain – Verilux natural spectrum desk lamp with adjustable gooseneck

Verilux daylight desk lamp with adjustable gooseneck


  • Reduced fatigue
  • Eye strain is also on a minimum
  • The introduction of a USB port for charging makes work a lot easier


  • It can’ t be use when there is a power outage

With its plastic frame and matte white finish, it looks the part and is conveniently lightweight.

The lamp light emulates 5000K that off natural daylight with no ultraviolet light being produced.

You get to choose 3 different color temperatures from warm to cool and have the liberty to adjust the brightness level up to eight different times.

Its anti-flicker and anti-glare technology works hand-in-hand to reduce strain and fatigue to the eye to keep you working for longer with minimum discomfort.

This lamp also comes integrated with a USB charging port to charge your onhand devices like smartphones and tablets. On switching it off and then on again it can revert to the last setting it worked at to allow continuity and ease of work.

The adjustable gooseneck can maneuver and contort in all manner of angles to illuminate the most intricate of spots.

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#5. With magnifier – Brightech Lightview pro led glass desk lamp with natural daylight

Brightech daylight clip on lamp with magnifier for aged eyes


  • The whole contraption is very adjustable due to well-machined joints
  • The lamp can extend very far up to 33 inches which is essential on large workpieces


  • You cannot adjust the color temperature from the one set

This is without a doubt, a very sturdy build with tremendous adjustability and style to its name. It has two extra-long arms which help in extending the lamps reach from 4 inches over the surface of the base to an astounding 33 inches. The reach outwards is up to 42 inches.

It uses a real diopter glass as the lens so you can expect a good-looking image with no distortion over time. The lens can produce a 225 percent magnification that makes working on intricate pieces an easy undertaking.

Be it sewing, puzzle-solving, applying cosmetics, or reading very small prints, this lens undoubtedly does the job well. Round the lens is a rim of LED lights that illuminate what you’re working on.

The color temperature this lamp works with is 6000K. It is worth every penny.

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#6. With clamp – Trond cheap daylight desk lamp for reading

Trond compact clip on led daylight desk lamp


  • The light produced is very bright
  • The lamp in itself does not overheat and is cool to touch
  • The clamp is a game changer making it a very versatile piece of equipment


  • It can’t sit on the table

Since the lamp is made out of high-quality aluminum, expect the frame to be quite sturdy and lightweight. Its matte black finish makes it a sight to behold as it is visually enticing.

Its gooseneck design makes it very efficient in directing light to whatever angle or position you want the light to shine on. To be precise the length of the gooseneck is 19 inches long and can contort into any shape.

The led bulb produces light that is free from flickering, ghosting, and glare. It also tries to emulate the light produced under natural conditions with a color temperature ranging from 5800K to 6000K. The light produced has a great amount of strength at 1000 lumen making it very bright to feast your eyes upon and very effective in brightening up dark scenes at the home or office.

The brightness setting can be adjusted through the touch-sensitive controls located at the back of the lamp. On turning on, the setting that was previously used i.e brightness and color temperature will be the same to help you pick up from where you left off without detecting the change in lighting.

Another unique feature that is one of a kind is that this lamp comes with a clamp at the bottom enabling the user to place it anywhere at his or her convenience. This is especially useful in bed reading, painting, architectural work or working in the workshop.

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#7. For architects – BenQ daylight desk light with swing arm and highly adjustment

BenQ natural led desk lamp with daylight bulb and ergonomic lamp head


  • The lamp brightness is adjustable
  • You can set the color temperature of your choice
  • It has an ambient light sensor which can self-adjust


  • Pricey

This is hands down one of the best lamps on-the-market as of now. With its minimalistic design and ergonomic machining, it is a lamp that will keep your friend asking where you got it from. It is made up of aluminum alloys and zinc alloys so expect it to stand the test of time with few problems along the way.

It is a very stable and sturdy build with the whole setup fully adjustable at every joint which enables you to set it up however you like.

The torque springs hold this lamp in the exact position you set it in. The heavy base ensures you can place it anyhow without the risk of the whole lamp toppling over. It acts as a good counterbalance with its low center of gravity.

The color temperature is adjusted by a knob to suit your current need, be it cool or warm when temperature ranging from 2700K to 5700K which is a very suitable spectrum. There is no glare or flickering when the lamp is in use.

The lamp also has an auto ambient light detector which assesses the light situation in your surroundings and automatically adjusts to it appropriately, whether dimming or brightening the light it produces.

It also delivers a 150 percent wider illumination range owing to its 90cm wide lamp.

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#8. For SAD disorder – Verilux 1000 Lux bright white daylight lamp for depression therapy

Verilux daylight table lamp for winter blues


  • No glare is produced
  • The light it produces is therapeutic
  • It is great for anxiety and depression


  • Its height is not adjustable

It is a therapeutic type of lamp owing to the nature of the light it produces. It emits a full spectrum light at up to 10000 lux and the color temperature of sunlight without the harmful ultraviolet rays.

In the packaging, it comes with 2 large interchangeable lenses on which you place on the screen of the lamp.

With this lamp, you get to choose between 2 brightness levels making it a good choice for home or office installment without glare or eye strain.

This lamp brightens up your mood and gives you optimum focus and energy to do your daily duties. It has the potential to boost sleep and is great for alleviating sunlight deprivation.

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A daylight desk lamp can help you with the minutest of lighting problems to the much larger and more immediate lighting deficiencies. It can be fully functional or purely decorative giving the visual appeal. You should first take a look at many options with different technology to find the one that best suits your needs.