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Best Bright Night Light – Reviews & Buyer’s Guide in 2022

Most people do not like darkness in their rooms, more so darkness hinders most of the activities during the night. Thus, there is a need for a bright night light which will be compatible with the desired need of the user.

Some lights may have little brightness and unfit features for your needs. These needs can be sorted out by buying a bright night light since they are made with the consideration of the location which requires an adequate amount of lights like hallways, stairwells, closets, etc.

The added improved features in the bright night light make them outstanding in the market.

The article gives more in-depth information about the best bright night light.

Why Do You Need to Buy a Bright Night Light?

bright night lamps

The bright night light is among the most common lights being used by people around the world because of how they come in hand due to the versatile lighting in different areas.

Below are the benefits of buying a bright night light.

1. Safe and dependable

When using a night light in staircases, hallways, nursery, or bedroom they provide light which makes you and your children feel secure. Especially to the kids, they always fear darkness when alone.

Also, the adults want to maneuver at night or in their kid’s room when changing diapers and breastfeeding. These lights are very dependable during such times.

2. Convenience

While using these night lights, you can move from one area to another conveniently. Especially due to the sensor technology which detects the motion when in proximity from the lights makes it convenient to pass through without the hassle of switching on and off the lights.

Also applies to the dusk to dawn sensor which makes them turn on and off automatically.

3. Cost efficiency

Usages of bright night light do not require as much light as the regular lights do. This is because they mostly use the LED lights which require less wattage to light up the place. They may save up to 60% of the power thus reducing greatly the electricity bills.

4. Complements the decor at home

The different bright night lights come with a variety of designs from the modern style to the traditional styles. According to your needs, you can buy a night light that has the color or the design that suits your need whereas complementing the decoration in your home.

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Reviews of the 6 Best Night Lamps with Bright Light

1. Best for Home – Mr. Beams Stick on Bright Night Light with Wireless Motion Sensor

bright led night light


  • It’s energy-efficient.
  • It’s easy to use and can be sticked on anywhere.
  • The automatic turn on and off ensures security and convenience.
  • Detects up to 10 feet.


  • Small in size.

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Looking for an accessory to illuminate your preferable location without requiring wire installation, Mr. Beam is your one-stop solution. The bright night light can be used almost everywhere in your home including hallways, stairways, bedrooms, closets, cupboards, etc.

The night light is easy to use since it does not require any wire installation, instead, it uses 4 AAA batteries. It operates with the LED lights which only require minimum power to work.

The light has a motion detector from a distance of ten feet away that makes it automatically turn on and off. After 20 seconds of not detecting any motion, it shuts off so that it can conserve energy.

The bright night light has a 25-lumen output which illuminates to over 10 square feet, this ensures that there are safety and convenience. It has a light sensor that detects when the lights are on thus conserving the energy.

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2. Best for Ambiance – Blisslight Sky Lite Star Night Light Projector for Room Decor

star bright night light


  • It makes the room look amazing.
  • It can be used by people of all ages, children, or adults.
  • It’s dimmable.
  • Mimics the starry night.


  • Doesn’t have a remote control.

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Blisslight Sky Lite is a night light that makes you excited for the nighttime to arrive sooner. The light is a star projector of the planetarium with the sky that keeps rotating making your room look magnificent.

It has soothing aurora effects that make you feel being in a calm and relaxed environment in any room and makes a perfect gift for either a kid or an adult.

It has simple button controls that enable you to adjust the brightness, start or stop the rotation of the rights, and also cycle through light effects.

The lights incorporate a direct diode laser, holographic technologies precision glass optics which makes produce a visual experience out of this world. You can use the lights when dining, in a spa, or any other room at home for an outstanding experience.

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3. Best for Outdoors – LMP LED Wall Mount Square Super Bright Night Light for Patios/Entryway

bright night fishing


  • Can be used for outdoor purposes.
  • It requires less maintenance.
  • The materials made from it is of good quality, thus durable.
  • A good mixture of modern and traditional style.


  • It takes time to install.

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If you have been looking for an elegant night light with a modern style that can be used both indoors and outdoors purposes, you are in the right place.

The LMP LED square is made with an American style that arrives with a small package to install the lamp that takes only a few minutes.

The night light with a deep gray color adds a touch of elegance to your home. The product is waterproof which is great resistance to heat, low temperatures, impact, and chemical. Therefore, it’s perfect for outdoor purposes in any weather condition.

The body of this lamp is Aluminum die-casting with an input of 110V to 240 V thus the ability to replace the bulbs. It can be used to light up any space like a bedroom, children’s room, courtyards, etc.

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4. Best Plug in – GE Electric Bright Night Light with Dusk to Dawn Sensor for Kids/Adults

bright plug in night light


  • It’s made with light-sensing technology.
  • It complements the room décor.
  • Provides soft glow illumination.
  • Affordable.


  • It needs plugging into your socket.

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This night light produced by Jasco manufacturer is the best option in providing you with convenient, safe, and dependable lighting.

The product is made with a night to dusk technology where it turns on during the night time automatically stays on until morning where it senses lights and turns off.

It’s durable from the long-extended use where the LED bulbs are energy-efficient and it stays cool even after extensive usage.

The lights are made with a modern style and glossy white finish that makes it look attractive at night thus complementing your home decorations.

It has a compact design that can be used to plug in any indoor outlet hence leaving the second outlet for use. The lights are safe and dependable with soft bright white colors used in the nursery, bathroom, bedroom, and many more.

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5. Best with Multi Color – HUGOAI LED Dimmable Table Night Lamps with Touch On Off Switch for Your Bedside

bright night light for elderly


  • Versatile and high quality.
  • It’s portable and comes with a USB which is mostly for other devices.
  • Its dimmable button size is great.
  • RGB colors.


  • Cannot be dimmed in RGB mode.

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Perhaps you are interested in a light night with sleek and modern designs that suits all your needs, then you cannot go wrong with HUGOAI LED lamps.

It comes with the option of adjusting the brightness that suits your needs in activities like reading, relaxing, and even sleeping while the color temperature ranges from neutral, warm white to orange.

It has an RGB mode which comes with up to 16 million color options which you can customize to suit your modes, e.g. when relaxing, romantic light, dinner, and after turning off it remembers your last setting.

The modern lighting which adopts professional optical structures and top-quality LED elements serve as a stable source of light that does not flicker and long service illumination. The brightness can easily be adjusted by sliding the rotary panel.

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6. Best for Nighttime Reading – LuminoLite Rechargeable Clip on Dual-Head Book Lights for Elderly

super bright led night light bulb


  • A good investment for bookworms.
  • Flexible to your desired angle.
  • 2 lamp heads with dimmable light.
  • 3 levels of light colors.


  • The clamp can open up to 1.57 inch.

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Are you a nighttime reader and wondering what light is suitable to conveniently provide light for studying? This night light is what you have been looking for all along.

The night light comes with three kinds of power temperature while each color temperature has 3 levels of brightness to be adjusted to. The quick click to the lamp changes brightness while the long click changes the color temperature.

It has dual independent lights to illuminate both pages and the adjustable clip holds the book in place. The clip has a foam pad to protect the book from clamping and damages the standing light is perfect for using anywhere while portable as the packing is very small.

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How to Choose the Best Bright Night Light?

best bright night light reviews

The bright night light is an important part of our lives as they serve many purposes for the kids and the adults too.

There are a variety of numerous bright night lights in the market which might leave you confused about what to get, thus you can narrow the search down to the specific features you need in a night lamp.

Below are factors you need to consider while buying the best bright night.

– Adjustment of brightness

Bright light nights could be used for numerous functions like working, reading, and even relaxing.

While considering buying a bright night light, it’s key to consider whether the night light could be used for relaxing which requires dimmed light or reading which requires bright lights. Thus, this is a critical factor when you think about how the brightness could be adjusted.

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– Charging system

How the light nights gain in the power supply determines what is best for your usage. Some are rechargeable which uses AAA lithium-ion batteries while others are plugged-in directly to the electric power supply.

For bright nights that you might need to move from an area to another or those whose power supply is not near, rechargeable night light should be the best option.

– Purpose of usage

The bright light night can be used in different areas like indoors and outdoors. They are diverse because they are made from different materials.

For instance, in the outdoor needs, they are made with material that cannot rust, are waterproof, and resist low temperatures and chemicals.

The indoor night light is way different from them as they can easily get damaged from using them outdoors. Thus, important to know where you will be using them.

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– Elegance and complementing your home decor

When choosing the appropriate night light for your home consider the attractiveness of the night light and if it complements the decorations in your home. They come with different materials and designs and colors thus you are left with an option of what is best for you.

– Type of color and temperatures

Different bright night lights come with a variety of colors and color temperatures. For instance, you might find a night light that has endless multiple colors through the RGB mode while still offering the white and soft glow.

On the other hand, you may find the light which offers only a few lights and different color temperatures like bright white, neutral white, or warm light.

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– Types of light and bulbs

Different bright light nights come with different bulbs or lights. Most of them have been made with the LED technology which protects the eyes from harmful rays and also provides a soft glow thus not harsh to the eyes.

When looking for the best bright night light consider the light which protects your eyes.

– Sensors

According to where the lights are kept there is a technology used to make them convenient for everybody’s usages.

Among them could be motion sensors that detect the motion where the object is at proximity and turns on, and off when there is no motion.

Besides, there is a dusk to dawn sensor where the light turns on when darkness appears and off when there is lighting.

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1. What Is the Best Bright Nightlight?

A bright night light is measured by the lumens in the bulb since they are a measure of the total amount of visible light from the source. The higher the lumens the brighter the light while the lower the lumen the dimmer the lights.

Night lights lumens always vary from 7 downwards. The brightest night light has 25 lumens. This kind of lighting is mostly used in bathrooms, basements, hallways, stairwells, etc.

Best of the Best – GE 12498 Ultrabrite LED Bright Night Light Bar

2. Who and Where Should Get a Bright Night Light?

Generally, people of all ages ranging from young to old can use bright light nights. The features present in these lights make them viable to be used by these people. They are often used in staircases, hallways, bathrooms, bedrooms, and any other places in homes.

The features like sensors come in hand when older people are moving from a place to the other near it without switching on or off the night light.

The ability to adjust the brightness makes it ideal for usages while reading, working or watching television, or making any movement from a place to another which can be used by anybody across the age brackets.

Also, the variety in different colors produced enhances them to be used in different locations according to the moods of the users and time.

3. How Bright Should a Bright Night Light Be?

There is no certain brightness for a bright night light, the reason behind is different people want varying brightness according to where they are using the lights.

However, it is wise to buy a bright night light with adjustable brightness so that you can change the brightness according to your needs.

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You can also be ecstatic when the night comes instead of cursing it due to the darkness. The bright night lights are versatile and great accessories that are used in homes, hallways, bedrooms, bathrooms, etc to provide better lighting when maneuvering.

Not only can you enjoy better seeing through the night but also have set different colors and brightness to suit your needs.

Grab your bright night light and enjoy value for your money.