The 7 Best Floor Lamps for Home Office Use – Reviews

home office lighting

Many people don’t think much about floor lamps nowadays, unlike the past where floor lamps were a fancied home decors item. However, floor lamps are slowly reclaiming their popularity. Technological advancement has freed many business or company owners from the obligation of owning an office in the city or towns. Home offices have become so …

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Floor Lamps Under $20 – Top Models for Decoration in 2022

Which light is easiest on the eyes

A versatile floor lamp generally serves as a bright light source for a certain area and a decorative piece for corners, patios, hallways and foyers. While, floor lamps under $20 are always great mood lights. If you attempt to shop for decorative standing luminaires, the following items are the best bang for your buck and …

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Best Floor Lamps Under $100 – Reviews in 2022

floor lamp for dark living room reviews

Best floor lamps are must-have lights for homes and offices, being expert in providing plenty of powerful light. Many lamp users also regard standing lights as decorative pieces due to the additional functions like shelves and easily mixed with the other furniture. Double the features of an ornamental unit and a bright light, 9 floor …

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Best LED Floor Lamps – 2022 Energy Saver

Brightech led floor lamp for readers and tailors

Thin body and low energy consumption make it a competent helper for not only space saving but also money preserving. It is so economical and versatile that it is popular in many homes. Do you want a best led floor lamp for your special needs of lighting up a certain space, decorating your homes or …

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Top 8 Red Floor Lamps to Spice Up Your Rooms – Reviews

red lamp beside a couch

Have you got a hassle of simple space tone? Do you feel like dotting your rooms with more colors? Do you want to make your rooms warmer? Since red is a symbol of vitality, enthusiasm, positivity and love, bringing more red colors into your rooms is not a bad idea. Accordingly, we always take it …

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Best Floor Lamp for Dark Room You can Buy in 2022

Brightech bright floor lamp for windowless living rooms

Is it obtrusive that the whole space is lit partially? Are you annoying at seeing things in semi-darkness? Do you worry about falling down or hitting something at nights? How to deal with the very dark rooms without windows or the dim corners? A good floor lamp, especially a torchiere, is of great significance to …

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Best Floor Lamps for Different Reading Needs in 2022

Brightech arc floor reading lamp for king-sized bed

A best reading floor lamp plays an essential role when you spend time on books, e-readers and magazines. Actually, it is not only a fixture to provide soft lights for your reading but also an interior decoration for your homes and a method to help you get rid of eyestrain. On today’s market, there is …

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Best Floor Lamps to Brighten Your Rooms in 2022

office floor lamps with adjustable lamp head

To get on a good atmosphere for reading, crafting, sewing and other tasks, best floor lamps for bright light are always taken into consideration. A right and stunning floor lamp is able to light a whole room and offer the best light on your work surface. Not only that, it also can be a perfect …

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