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Is Study Lamp Good for Eyes?

When studying at night, you may think that a study lamp is a good idea. If you have a roommate you do not want to wake them bright light. At the same time, you may be wondering ‘Is study lamp good for eyes’.

People have heard that reading or studying in dim light can be harmful to the eyes. In a study that was published by the British Medical Journal, it was discovered that low light does not harm the eyes but it may lead to some eye strain.

The study lamp itself does not pose a threat to the eyes. If you are looking at the computer and you have a desk lamp on the computer is doing more damage to the eyes and leading to eye strain and stress.

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Is it good to study under a study lamp?

Study lamps are great additions to your study area and make it easier to read and study. They also reduce the strain on your eyes that can occur from extended periods of reading, while providing an adequate amount of task lighting. They offer a lot of lumens per lamp, in a concentrated area that you can directly over the study material.

A lot of times when we are studying, our eyes can grow weary and start to experience strain. This is from not having enough light to see what you are working on and can lead to squinting or trying to focus your eyes harder.

Lamps that are designed for studying will help to alleviate this issue while providing ambient light and making it easy to see your projects.


What causes eye strain when studying?

is study lamp good for eyes

If you are reading under the study lamp, it will not harm your eyesight. It may make your eyes tired after long exposure but there will be no damage done. It is the computer that many people use the desk lamp next to that are causing problems with the eyes and leading to the strain.

Study lamps are not harmful and can help out the eye. If you are working on a computer and have an overhead light on this will create a glare. The eyes will become tired and sore. When the study table lamp is on, it will provide a direct light source. This will help reduce the glare and will help the eyes.

The lamp should be positioned so that it is not shining directly into the eyes. The desk lamp will help ease any pain or strain that a person was feeling from looking at the computer screen for too long. It will help eyes that have been dilated for most of the day.


Benefits of using a study table lamp

Multiple benefits come with using a study table lamp for reading and studying. These can include but are not limited to:

  • lessening eye strain;
  • providing lumens (illumination);
  • use less energy while generating less heat.

There are many benefits to using study lamps, especially for your overall eye health. In the following section, we will be going over what some of the benefits are to using study table lamps.

#1. Reduce eye strain

When you are reading and studying in light that is too dim or not focused enough, your eyes are going to need to work much harder to keep up. That is why one of the biggest benefits of using a study lamp is the rest it offers your eyes.

They provide concentrated task lighting that makes it easier to read and see what you are working on which will reduce the overall eye strain that you can experience.

#2. Offer ambient lighting (lumens)

In addition to being good sources of task lighting, study lamps are also great at providing lumens and lightening up the space they are in. This is great if you don’t have enough overhead light for reading and studying, or if the amount of natural light during the day is lacking.

The amount of light they provide is more concentrated, but they will light up the room overall as well, and generally are dimmable as well.

#3. Energy-efficient and produce less heat

Study tabletop lamps are known for being highly energy efficient. They will use much less energy than traditional light sources, and most are compatible with LED bulbs.

Additionally, they will produce far less heat than other types of lamps; especially as opposed to lamps that utilize halogen technology.

Most study lamps will be dimmable as well, which allows you to decrease energy usage even further.


How to choose the best study lamp?

When looking to purchase a study lamp, some kinds will be better for the eyes than others. Look for a softer light that has more of a diffused setting than a light that will be strong. A smaller desk lamp will be able to reduce glare better and glare makes the eyes tired and painful.

Study lamps have advanced over the years due to better lighting and better technology. Many of these lights are able to use LED lights which are better for the eyes and use less electricity. They often come in clear colors.

Studying lamps have increased in popularity since they have been found to be easy on the eyes and offer better quality lighting. When looking for a desk lamp, you should find one that is functional and one that will be able to fit your needs. It should fit into the allotted spot and be easy on the eyes.


What are the different types of study lamps?

There are various types of study lamps that you can use to make studying easier while reducing the amount of strain on your eyes. Knowing which type is best suited for your needs will help guide you through the buying process.

Listed below are the main types that you will want to take into consideration for your study needs.

#1. Table lamps

As the name implies, table lamps will have a thick sturdy base and are best suited to be placed on a table. They will be smaller than floor lamps and can come with either metal, plastic, or fabric lamp shades.

These types of study lamps are great for providing the needed task lighting for reading and studying. There are several styles available, including ones that can be clamped to the desk and are compact.


  • Most will be compact and easy to move around
  • These can provide a lot of widespread illumination
  • Offer budget-friendly options as well as more designer styles


  • Good for task lighting, although they can be lacking in overall ambient light.

Best Value – Joly Joy Adjustable Swing Arm Study Lamp

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  • 【Spacing Saving Clamp】Attached clamp mounts easily to any studio designs tables,shelves and surfaces that are vertical or horizontal. Compact clamp and slim lamp with hidden cabling let you have a completely free desk surface.
  • 【Energy-Saving LED Lamp】 High-efficiency 98 LEDs consume 80% less energy than conventional bulbs and last for a 50,000 hours lifespan without the need of replacing. This means a much lower electricity bill and less carbon footprint.
  • 【What You Will Receive】Swing Arm Folding Desk Lamp (Material: premium aircraft-grade aluminum-alloy with sleek brushed finish), metal clamp, UL listed AC Power Adapter, using manual, and Worry-free after service. 30-Day money back within 12-Month product guarantee. If not satisfied, you can contact us for refund or replacement.


#2. Floor lamp

Similar to table lamps, floor lamps are great for providing a widespread amount of light for a room. They will generally be capable of producing more lumens than table lamps because of their size and design.

They are great for brightening up a room and providing more light for reading and studying.

Generally, these will have a sturdy weighted base with a long pole and metal or plastic lamp shade that sits on top.


  • Generally, these will be dimmable
  • Great at providing more ambient light
  • They come in a wide range of styles and light capacity


  • Takes up some spaces

Best Sale – Brightech LED Floor Lamp with Adjustable Gooseneck


#3. Ceiling light

Almost every room in your home or apartment will have one of these; generally in the middle of the ceiling. They will account for most of the light you have when there is no natural light and are great at illuminating the whole room.

Ceiling lights function similarly to floor lamps by providing ambient light and brightening up space without offering a concentrated task light.

That said, they offer more light than other sources because of their wattage capacity, and often one fixture can house 2 light bulbs.


  • Provide a lot of light
  • They are compatible with most light bulbs, including LEDs
  • They have a wide-angle of illumination, generally lightening up the whole room


  • Ceiling fixtures can be involved to install
  • They do not provide concentrated task lighting


#4. Wall lamps

Often referred to as sconces, wall lamps attach directly to the wall and often will have a swivel mechanism on the base. These will often be placed strategically on either side of the doorway or around furniture.

These are considered great for reading, due in part to their versatility and option to be placed where needed.

Wall lamps can either be hard-wired directly into the wall or installed as a plug-in fixture. They provide good ambient light that can be used to read and study under.


  • They offer a lot of ambient light
  • Good lights for reading and studying
  • Versatile fixtures that can be moved or swiveled as necessary


  • It can be hard to hide the power cord if they are not hard-wired into the wall

Best Cheap – Globe Electric LED Wall Sconces with Flexible Arm


Final words

The study lamp is not bad for your eyes. When you are reading or looking at a computer screen, this lamp is much more helpful than other types of lamps. It will help reduce the strain on your eyes and it will help tired eyes.